Follow These to Improve Communication With Your Spouse!

“And one day your infatuation becomes the better half of your life”

It is so stunning, isn’t it? Obviously, many of us will say yes. In fact, it is nothing short of an achievement. However on an honest note, relationship challenges really begin after tying the nuptial knot. All of a sudden, a wide range of issues will come to the fore. There will be difficulties in finding an amicable solution to the same. In these situations, healthy communication is the only way forward.

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“I always wanted a healthy and loyal relationship with my husband. For that very purpose I tried being honest to the core. But the same was not reciprocated from his side. I have no qualm in accepting the fact that my relationship took a backseat. Probably, due to a lack of proper and healthy dialogues with my husband”, said Janet, 35, homemaker and mom of two kids living in New York City.

Taking a stride in relationship is not a good idea sans proper communication between couples. Janet shared some of the unconventional methods that she pursued to have a pleasant and dignified family life. Read on how she brought normalcy to her married life when it was almost on the verge of getting broken!!

Improving Communication with Your Partner – Tips & Tricks

“You may have several plans to take your relationship forward post marriage, as you should. However, without a candid and passionate conversation, it will always have glitches”.

Primarily, marital discords arise out of misunderstanding between the couples.


Follow These to Improve Communication With Your Spouse!
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Lack of frank conversation could damage your relationship to an irreparable extent. In a desperate attempt, people often resort to couples therapy and other relationship workshops. The aim is to get insight into the nuances of relationship. Nevertheless, I opted for an unconventional method. I found out my own solution to tackle this communication crisis between two of us, Janet added further.

Communication is the Basis of Any Relationship

  • Contentious Issues: In my case, it was my husband’s reluctance to start a family, while I was very eager to conceive a child. In fact, motherhood is every woman’s dream. He wanted to give a few more years to the relationship. But after a series of candid conversation for more than a week, he agreed. And today, I’m a proud mother of two and leading a happy married life. Therefore, Communicating directly with your spouse regarding any contentious issues is need of the hour.
  • Conversation at Holiday Spot: Married Couples often go with a same routine for a detailed communication. Usually, they choose weekend for a serious discussion – it spoils the mood and is irksome. I chose a vacation spot on the serene beaches of Hawaii. We engaged in healthy discussions about various issues, and enjoyed unforgettable romantic moments. Having a free-flow conversation at unfamiliar places outside your residence is a good idea to improve your communication.
  • Being Patient: Someone has said it right that ‘patience’ is the world’s best treasure that a person can inherit. An attempt to have proper communication gets worse when there’s a rush to reach a conclusion without listening. In fact, it triggers the situation more. I am grateful to god for making me a patient and compassionate individual. Before taking any serious decision, I choose to listen first and judge everything on merit. No matter where the relationship throws you – try to stay as patient as you can.
  • Romantic Night: In spite of a disturbing relationship, we shouldn’t neglect the thread of responsibility that binds us. Keep in mind that marriage can be quite similar to a roller-coaster ride with its rise and fall. Hence, before engaging in a serious discussion, we enjoyed a passionate romantic date the previous night. It does not necessarily mean you are surrendering yourself. Instead it denotes your love for one-another. It definitely enhances the level of trust in your relationship.
  • Having A Proper Sleep: Improving communication has a lot to do with your mental peace and physical well-being. Taking a good 8-hour-sleep keeps you mentally refreshed and in a good health. It also helps you communicate better with your partner.
  • No Secrets: A healthy relationship begets healthy communication. In my case, prior to our marriage, we both agreed to share secrets, whether big or small. A loyal relationship with no secrets is the ideal scenario every couple wishes to achieve.

In The End…

An apt communication is the cornerstone on which the foundation of a happy and successful marriage lies. Therefore, never rush to a conclusion on any relationship matter without having a one-to-one dialogue with your partner.

If you two can mutually build a consensus after having lengthy debates and arguments – that’s true victory for you and your bond. Moreover, it is an indication of the strength of your relationship.

(With additional Inputs From Janet, homemaker – NYC)

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