Is your relationship ready for marriage?

Is your relationship ready for marriage?

Marriage might be just a part of life but surely the most crucial and life-changing aspect. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. With marriage comes responsibilities, and expectations. Lots of things are at stake. But there are certain preparations prior to marriage. And these are not just celebratory preparations. But prep your mind up.

If you are planning to convert your dating relationship into a marriage, then there are certain things you should consider. Ask certain questions. Ponder over certain things. Because dating was just a phase but marriage is a lifetime commitment. So, it’s time to talk to yourself.

#1       How’s your communication with your partner?

Communication is the most integral part of any relationship. You and your partner must have constant and healthy communication on each and everything pertaining to you, them, or your relationship. Be open. If you don’t like it, say it. Don’t hide. But don’t be rude in saying it as well. Just be assertive. Strong communication keeps relationships lively and healthy. Moreover, there are far lesser chances of any misunderstandings.

If your relationship does not involve communication, you might want to consider the relationship, once. Let communication be the top priority before marriage.

Is relationship ready to marriage
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#2       Is it ‘us’ or ‘I and You’?

Partners should understand that in a relationship, no decisions can be made individually. Even if it does not affect your partner or your relationship, you should always consult each other when making decisions.

This would help both of you to understand each other’s thinking process. Also, it will work wonders on building trust and your relationship. Don’t be dependent but don’t be extremely self-reliant. The key is to maintain balance.

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#3       Accept your partner

Everyone has flaws. Nobody is pitch perfect. Even your partner is not like you. Accept that. But, by knowing and accepting them, you can minimize the melodrama that awaits in future.

Even if you don’t like some aspects of their nature or behaviour, do not force them to change. Emotional pressure could lead to tensions and that is undesirable. You can change someone by force, but you will lose a lot of them. But if you just love them the way they are, the person will be yourself wholeheartedly and might adapt. The key to a successful marriage is not a complete transformation, but baby steps to make the life beautiful.

Completely accept your partner
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#4       Think of the long run

Haste makes waste. Always remember this. You like her, so you decide to marry her. Think over that again. The beauty will fade away someday. Then what? You should be careful of every action you take and the words you speak. Think of the consequences. Measure your moves and how exactly they would affect your future marriage.

If improper actions are carried out without pondering upon how they would play a role in the long run, your marriage could run a grave risk.

Agreed, life is small and risks need to be taken. But relationships are like a thin strand of thread, once broken, it can never be like before. So your every step must be careful, but relationships are not business… So think about the consequences, but don’t measure things in profit and loss.

Think for long term

#5       Compromise

Another crucial feature in a marriage, that couples often fail to understand, is the sacrifice. You must be willing to give up your desires as and when needed, to make the marriage work. Marriage is like a fulcrum, both sides need to be balanced to make it work.

Always keep this in mind that marriage affects you and your partner’s lives as a whole. Don’t shy away from making any sacrifice for the betterment of everyone. Even if they are of great proportions but they are done for a larger good.

However, in the process don’t kill your true self. Along with making compromises, it is important to keep your integrity intact.


#6       Resolve external issues

The external factors surrounding marriage have the power to affect it in a grave manner. Be it the relations with in-laws, authority complexes, or any other thing. You should focus on resolving these issues well before the marriage so that they do not crop up later in life.

Moreover, understand this thing that marriage is not a cakewalk. A lot of hurdles await you, but it’s on you if they will break you or strengthen your bond with your partner.

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Marriages are made in heaven. But it is on us to keep them going amazingly. Relationships don’t have any prescribed formula. But these few key factors can make your relationship exceptionally successful.

It’s your relationship and you know it the best. But understand that it’s a relationship of both of you, so strike a balance on each step.

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