Love Stories that Make You Believe in Love!

2 love stories that will make you believe in love at unexpected places with most unlikely ones

You find the love of your life at the most unexpected places. More importantly, you fall for someone, you least expected. Read these two stories if you disagree with any of the statements. However, if you know the reality, then get ready to cement your beliefs further. Not hoarding you to read, but maybe it is time to love the feeling of love. These are not just some fictional pieces, but their life in their words.

Meeting love unexpectedly at unexpected place

Being on an online chat room site does not make me a creep, but surely a lovesick, now. That odd 15 minutes of chat makes me go weak on my knees even today-after 3 months and 2 days since that fortunate day. You must be wondering what exactly happened in those 15 minutes. You surely must have formed an opinion about me. I cannot dissuade you as well. However, for me, my current state is a shocker. Today I am a lovelorn regular on that site, who is trying to search for that one girl amongst thousands of people.

love stories

But you know what, she is the one for me. With her, conversation simply flowed. None of us asked the usual thing, “ASL”… Rather, I later got to know that she is a doctor in reality who made me lovesick forever, I guess. We talked about books, life and even about social evils. From talking about how she imagines her lover to be, to playing that role in that ecstatic fantasy, we simply poured our hearts. None of us admitted, but we knew the reality. No, I am not being a typical one-sided lover. But there were enough slip of tongues to reveal hearts.

It was like catching up with a childhood sweetheart where we simply forgot that we met for the first time that too on the website which has a bad timing. Before we could even be reminded of what after this place, the site played a dirty game. Leaving me staring at the screen, cursing myself for losing her, it simply disconnected. You might call me crazy or even go to the length of calling me a desperate, but I simply cannot forget her, not even her fake name.

Falling in love with the much loved and cared

From crashing into each other bedrooms at unexpected hours to madly in love with one another, that is how our relationship was. This might seem a straight out of flick story, but guess fictional works succeeds real world. If the songs can depict us, then the journey was from “Can’t keep my hands to myself” to “I’ve loved you for a thousand years”. We always thought we are addicted to each other and just want to bang each other. That is how we reasoned ourselves whenever we have to stay away from each other even for 24 hours.

love stories

But like a thunderstorm realization struck us when she suffered third-degree burns all over the body. Just because of one stupid life-snatching fire incident thanks to her newly bought smartphone. I remember I could not stop the tears from flowing or having nightmares during those few minutes of incidental sleep. You will not believe, this lady asks people to leave the room just to talk to me. After giving me a dreadful fortnight, this woman with no emotions on the face, said, “As you know my state, so look for another friend with benefit”. On the other hand, I simply did not know when my aura changed until the time she asked me “What’s wrong?”

“You. Don’t you dare say go and look for someone else. It was you, is you and will be you. You crazy person, I love you not for your body or what we used to do, but just you”, yes I remember the exact words. How? Because that crazy woman realized her feelings earlier and she was recording my voice so that she could live with those for the rest of life. What a stupid person she is and what an idiot I was. I never knew that fire could be life altering, but guess in my case, it is. It changed my marital status from single to married.

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