Obsessed Partner – A Thing To Worry?

Obsessed Partner – A Thing To Worry?

Love can fairly be termed as obsession, but what if this obsession turns out to be unbearable? Are you the one suffering from such a mania! Then it’s time to give a thought. This article will help you in deciding how to heal those fetish wounds.

“He said he loves me and want to spend the whole of his life with me. He proposed me kneeling down on his knees. His gesture left me spellbound. It was a splendid moment for me which can’t be expressed in words. We started dating each other, our days and nights were filled with romance.”

When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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Everything was going like a dream come true when suddenly I found some weird things happening with me. The bond between us started quivering. He started shouting over minute things, stopped me from meeting my friends especially male pals. His love was becoming difficult to handle. The days and nights, which were full of romance have now been turned to misery.

I then realized that his love has now been turned into an obsession which would soon destroy both of us.

But I loved him from the core of my heart and wanted everything to get better and didn’t know how!

Usually this kind of situation is very common and most of us deal through this kind of state. The thing is that one usually doesn’t understand when the love has turned into an undefined obsession. Obsession is important in any relationship, but then it should not cross boundaries. Just remember that respect, love and trust are key requirements of any relationship. It’s upon you how you carry forward the thing, if you are in love with all your heart and soul, then you can help your partner  to overcome his obsession.

When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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If somebody is dealing with situations like this, then follow these tips:

  • Basically what you need to do is talk to your partner and understands his mental state. Just remember that obsession is a kind of phobia and might be your partner have a phobia of loosing you! It can sometimes be a result of some past ditches, loneliness or any unusual suffering.  
When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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  • Spare some time and devote it knowing about your guy. Be friend him so that he can easily share his thoughts with you. Remember, dealing with obsessed partner is a mind game and you have to play it well. Just tell him how much you adore him.
When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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  • Give him surprises which would make him feel special. Praise his positive aspects and tell him that he is the most valuable person in your life. An obsessed partner wants your time and love so ping him with romantic messages whenever you get time.
When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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  • Obsession is not a disease and it can be cured if tackled with patience and care. Give space to your partner and spend time together doing some fun loving things like cooking, gardening, shopping. This will keep him busy and will avoid his obsession to overpower him. Tell your guy that relationship demands trust and respect and if he will nurture you with both then your relationship would become ideal one.  The relationship doesn’t guarantee to go a long way, but it is you who carry this faith to take it to the zenith.
When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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Obsessed partner can sometimes be turned dangerous and at that moment your patience would be tested. Every person has some loopholes and an understanding is required to tackle with it. Leaving a relationship is the best way out, but then the conditions apply. Love is all about sufferings and compromises and if you have that capacity to go through the pain then Bravo!  

Understand that obsession is a part of love and that your partner loves you very much so what are you waiting for!

Tie a knot and assure him that you are only his and will remain for the rest of your life. Sometimes words work better than our actions so just express your hidden emotions just to make him more assured. This will not only strengthen up your relationship but will also ignite the romance between two of you.

When You Have A Obsessed Partner
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So, it’s not that getting apart is the only solution of dealing with possessiveness , it can sometimes be also dealt with love, patience and a sheer understanding and valuing the relationship.

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