Online Daters Brutally Honest Reveal Profile Will Shock You!

Online Daters Brutally Honest Reveal Profile Will Shock You!

When setting up your online profile on any online dating site, you are bound to exaggerate things a little. Maybe more than a little. Well you most definitely do not want your prospective dates to know that you drink straight out of the carton, or you shower once a week, right?

Two trips to the gym in a month and you are ‘fit and active’, or you drive your car just a teeny tiny bit more than the speed limit, an officially become an ’outlaw’. We all tend to display ourselves as a more polished and sophisticated person.

Online Daters Brutally Honest Reveal Profile will shock you!
Source : Hindustan Times

So, on a recent Askreddit thread, when the question, ‘What would your brutally honest dating profile say?’, was posted all Redditors knew that this was going to be one wild ride.

The responses perfectly summed up the need for setting up profiles on such online dating sites.

Redditors poured out their honesty with wild comments. Check out the best of them below!

Desperation level : over 9000,     

“Please date me” – Jabba_the_cat

“Desperately lonely, but still has standards” – Workplacewatcher

“Half decent guy with good job seeking filthy whore” – hbdagreat

“Please” ­­– justinwbb

Writing a resume I suppose?

“polite. well mannered. considerate. concise. straight forward. with one word you became interesting.” – forthexp

“Enjoys binge drinking, chain smoking, and eating take out in bed while watching Netflix. I have an opinion on the Oxford comma. Seeking same.” – unknown

Outright weird,

“Man seeking Woman. Let’s meet up and see if my tits are bigger than yours.” – TipTipkek

“Male at my late 20’s, I’m the same way. Be friendly with me and I’ll just wait to have my heart ripped apart by finding out you have a boyfriend. Get depressed, bury emotions, slowly open up to people again. Repeat ad nauseam.” – santsi

“Overweight, flatulent, lazy, hairy 30 year old man looking for hot, 20 year old, millionaire, nymphomaniac woman who will let me defile her. No fat chicks.” – Hairy_Cheeks

Philosophy, huh?

“Try being friends first with the friendly-acting girls, then think about relationships. That way, the worst case scenario is you have a new friend :)” – wolf495

Full of hope,

“Really banking on you having much lower standards than me.” – Assistantshrimp

Brutally honest,

“I don’t know how to split my time between relationships and hobbies. So uh, I kinda just want someone who chills out at my place on the weekends to watch netflix and wants to go out to eat with me” – DemeaningSarcasm

Decently funny,

“My mom drives me to most of my hookups.” – AggressiveSpatula

But what completely summed up the whole chaos was:

“I’m doing this online dating thing because I’m kinda lonely, a little horny, but mostly ambivalent about dating. So chances are that unless you’re really hot or just generally out of my league, I’ll probably just flirt with you a little online then lose interest.”

Yeah, that basically is the whole point of online dating.

All these comments only make it clearer that white lies on your profile are very important, as the truth can be far more depressing and shady.

These responses are only a glimpse of the 11,902 (YES, you read that right) comments that the subreddit received.

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