Online Dating Has Completely Shattered My Life! Wish I Could Stop It!

“It all began with one facebook notification”, she said. Seems like Hawaii is certainly not about just beaches, blonde and bikini and beaches are just not about rejuvenation.

Strolling across the pristine beaches of Hawaii, my attention has suddenly moved towards the extreme right corner. Just a few inches away from the crystal-clear water, a middle-aged woman clad in attractive long skirt and top was somberly looking at the water waves.

It seemed as if she found some sort of connection between her state of mind and those waves.

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Finding a serious face at a fun-frolic beach was a rare sight. My footsteps simply took me there making me stand in front of her. Just then I realized she was actually weeping and hiding the same using a thick-framed black goggle. My inquisitive mind and soft heart couldn’t bear the tumultuous state of the lady nor allowed me to enjoy at the beach. Rather I wanted to soak in the sorrows of this stranger.

The Woman Opened It All!

Initially, the woman was little reluctant to disclose anything. However, my continued insistence compelled her to spill the beans. She was glad that at least someone wanted to listen to her story which could have otherwise remained unheard of.

Online Marriage Has Shattered My Life! I Wish I Could Have Stopped It.
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“It all began with one Facebook notification”. Both of us were from Hawaii, Janet disclosed.

“Ok. Then what happened?” Immediately my question ran.

“David sent me a friend request, I accepted that. It followed with random conversation and love chats. We enjoyed each other’s company over online dating for almost seven months. One day, he directly sent me a marriage proposal. We were very good friends by then. After giving a few thoughts over the proposal I accepted it without informing my parents”, Janet said.

Online dating is always unpredictable.

Shocking Twist Awaited

One evening, both Janet and David secretly went to a nearby church and got married. David showed no interest in Janet’s past and Janet didn’t feel it was necessary to know David’s background either.

“Even I am shocked why I married so easily with David without knowing anything about his background, work profile and behavior. Probably, it was his handsome look and charming behavior that won my heart instantly”, Janet recalled the horror.

Online Marriage Has Shattered My Life! I Wish I Could Have Stopped It.
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Adorning an exquisite white gown, I strolled with David who was putting on an attractive tuxedo, across the streets in Hawaii.

How would have I known that this cheerful mood would soon turn sour. Suddenly, a Police cab asked us to stop, Janet added.

A hurricane of tears started rolling down Janet’s cheeks. “David hid his real identity from me. His real name was Alfred John – a notorious criminal from the neighboring Florida”, Janet recalled.

Tragic End to Our Marriage

“I then asked the police official if he had any arrest warrant. Immediately, the police official produced a list of crime cases involving Alfred John. Yes the police official had a sufficient evidence and arrest warrant against him. A local court had indicted him in a two-year old robbery case. He had also cheated and duped many women.

“Hey, ma’am you have initiated a relationship with a serious criminal. David aka Alfred John is a noted criminal in Florida and was fugitive for the last couple of years”, the cop said.

Now I would never go for Online Dating !

“When I asked David why he did that? Laughing aloud David told me that he has cheated many women in his life and I was one of them.

Even a year has passed on, but I am still in a state of horror, shock and distress – How could I marry a criminal?

Online Marriage Has Shattered My Life! I Wish I Could Have Stopped It.
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One online relationship has apparently ruined my life. I have lost all faith in a marriage and relationship”, said Janet.

(Note: This anecdote is for informational purposes only. Any resembles to any person is purely co-incidence)

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