Top 5 Questions For You Before Marriage

“And then the two lovely souls embark on an unexplored journey together after marriage.”

Having a special feeling for someone is so special. Day and night, those beautiful butterflies keep on creating love waves inside your stomach. And you feel restlessness continuously by remembering those cozy moments that you two spent together. It’s a wonderful feeling. Isn’t it?

Top 5 Questions For You Before Marriage
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What’s next after love?

Obviously, the most satisfying juncture in love comes when you marry the person you love most. But unfortunatelyit’s complicated.

If an iota of misunderstanding arises between a married couple, then the relationship might become worrisome. In order to avoid future marital conflicts, it’s important to get your doubts cleared one-on-one with your partner before tying the nuptials.

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Private Questions: It’s definitely embarrassing to ask each other about personal matters. Moreover, what would you achieve knowing his or her personal issues? If you have really decided to marry somebody, then trust him or her from the core of your heart. Forgetting about past, both of you should instead look forward to making your future better.  If you don’t have enough faith in your partner then you shouldn’t marry. Or else you might ruin your married life later.

True Love or Physical Attraction: There is really a very thin line of distinction between love and lust. In fact, many people overlook the same while marrying and later make their marital life troublesome. People often marry out of their lust and physical attraction towards each other. No doubt, with marriage you got legal certificate to have sex. But then that is not the only thing which marriage brings with it. Understanding, loving and caring each other is equally important for an everlasting, happy marriage.

Family Priority: Marriage not only brings two people together, it also brings together each & every person associated with them. Many times it has been seen that marriage breaks because one of the partners doesn’t give any importance to his or her partner’s family. Hence it is important to find out how your future partner will behave with your family. Also, if you want this to be a longlasting marriage – be ready to welcome family members of your partner with open heart.

No doubt, there will be chances of some issues from his or her family end but then you both have to sit together and work out towards finding a solution to it. 

Career Queries: Setting aside the marriage excitement for a moment, you should clearly ask your partner about his or her career goals. You two should promise in advance whatsoever your career demands you will stay united. Many often it has been found that career ambitions have remained the major cause of divorce in the recent past.

Spending Limits: Revealing all about your spending habits to your partner is essential. Both of you must analyze whether you two think the same way when it comes to spending money. Before the wedding, you should mutually decide where both of you wish to spend money and make an investment in the immediate future.

Responsibility: Finally, the foremost question that you should ask your partner is whether he/she is ready to bear the responsibility of marriage or not. Marriage is not all about love, sex and romance; but it’s a fresh beginning of life. Before marriage, it is important to know what both of you think about kids, family planning, house, career and other stuff. In case, you aren’t fully confident about how to bear post-marital responsibility, then better you should give some more time to yourself. Once you are mentally prepared for bearing the responsibility, enjoy the married life.

For a Happy Marriage & Relationship

No doubt issues will be there. But if you have worked out these things before marriage, you will be in a better position to tackle all those issues. Again success of marriage is ensured by trust, love and care you both shower on each other. It can’t be a one sided affair.

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