Life After Break Up: How to Retain Relationship With Your EX At Work

Is it that much easier to completely forget the one whom you loved so much a day earlier? Obviously not!! An emotional agony hurts more than the physical pains. But human life is such an unpredictable journey that we often have to swallow the pains of relationship which we never wish to.

Break-ups are as much common as making a new relationship. You can’t have a romantic relationship with everybody. Only some relations actually click up to that level. But that doesn’t mean you keep feeling low and dejected after a break-up. Consider it a fresh beginningnot the end.

You never know when you come face-to-face with your Ex at the office. Keep it just a formal relationship. Accept it with an open heart and just admit that someone you loved in the past is now your co-worker – that’s it.

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Tips to Work with Your EX at office & Having Formal Relationship

Life After Break Up: How to Retain Relationship With Your EX At Work
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  1. Don’t Reveal Much about Your Personal Life to anyone in the office.
  2. Try to remain as formal with your EX as possible. Just maintain a professional rapport with her or him – nothing more or less.
  3. Try to avoid arguing with your EX in office. Even if he or she wants to rake up old issues, simply leave the argument midway.
  4. Never ever try to sneak-peak into what’s happening in your Ex’s life.
  5. Avoid sitting closer to your EX or face to face at office meetings.
  6. In office, never involved in personal communication with your Ex.
  7. No matter how much the storm of break-up is hurting you inside don’t try to reveal anything on Facebook or social media.

How Much Painful is the Break-Up?

A Break-up doesn’t only suggest that you two are no longer in a romantic relationship, but it indirectly points towards the downfall of very relationship that both of you have built with the thread of love, affection and trust. Parting ways is always a difficult task to handle.

Certainly, there must have been some reasons or else why should a blooming beautiful relationship get broken? It’s utterly impossible to even think of a break up because everyone enter into a romantic relationship with a hope to retain the same for a lifetime.

Meeting Your Ex at Office: Beginning Of the New Relationship

The peculiarity of a human life is that we often have to do things which we never imagine. Similarly, working at the same office where your ex is working is no surprise and it doesn’t mean you should leave the office right away.

Think it this way. Both of you were two gentle souls, who once promised to live together forever, but things just didn’t go as per the plan. Attraction and mere infatuation often lead to love that was never meant to be. These things often emerge out of Physical attraction and not from the heart.

How To Work Peacefully With Your Ex At The Office?

Working with somebody whom you know very well can be gruesome emotional journey – an outrageous life experience altogether. But it’s quite common these days considering how people easily fall in love with their co-workers. After allit is the co-worker with whom he or she is spending most of the hours at the office.

Turning your intimate relationship with somebody into a professional one is a big challenge but not impossible. Share a cordial relation with him or her without letting your emotion or feelings get revealed.

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