The Perfect Song For Your Sexually Frustrated Parental Life

The Perfect Song For Your Sexually Frustrated Parental Life

When kids enter your life, along with the joys, they also bring an end to your love life. Getting intimate becomes an unaffordable luxury. Firstly, you have to put a lot of effort into raising them which takes up most of your time. Secondly, even if time does allow for some action, you are so tired that those private moments never happens.

All this leads to building up of frustration, and with no way to remove it, you just suck it up and get along with life.

However, one mom vented her sexual frustration in the form of a song.

The perfect song for your sexually frustrated parental life
Source: YouTube

Shayna Ferm, from The Pump And Dump comedy show, performed her song ‘Parental Lovin’ in South California, for the Brea Improv comes.

The lyrics of her song quite efficiently describe the parents’ woes in getting some intimate love. She begins with lines like

“Let’s give the kids some goldfish and turn the TV on. They’ll never even know we’re gone.”

The interruptions in their alone time, due to kids, is well portrayed when she sings “I think I hear them whining, they’ve such amazing timing”

She used popular kids’ shows name to describe the intimacy with lines like

“Scooby Dooby Do me, Pork my Peppa Pig, Stuff my Doc McStuffins. Paw Patrol my Jungle Junction.” And later in the song “Sherman my Peabody, Wonder pet my poopie”.

The applauds in her video also show that the parents among the audience were clearly relating to her song.






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