10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing

The married women out there, yeah, you have heard it right! Not only the husbands need a list of things which they should stop doing after marriage, but the wives should also have the same.

To make a married life working out in a perfect way, it is a responsibility for both the husbands and wives to compromise and fulfil their partner’s need in order to have a perfect relationship. The most important thing in a relationship is to make your partner happy and smile in all aspects, no matter how much less or more you need to change yourself or compromise on little things.

To keep your better halves happy, here is the list which the married women should stop doing completely in their married lives. Let’s have a look.

1. Stop thinking that Every Time you are Right

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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This is the mistake, which maximum ladies do with their husbands, be it a small argument or a really big one. Things which your husband is doing in a different way, it doesn’t mean that the way is totally wrong.

Try to control your attitude which every time says – “I am only right, not you!” Try this, and a big argument can be prevented between you both.

2. Don’t put others before your husband- Give top priority

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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Here the topic is not only about the priority, importance or even comparison for your spouse, but never let your husband feel that he is in the second place in your heart and the first place is reserved for your family, child or even any friend. The companionship in a marriage has to be in such a way that both the partners meet their needs having a close relationship. Do not spoil that. If you have planning to go shopping with your mother, and your hubby has movie tickets for you, prefer to go with him instead.

3. Don’t treat your husband like your girlfriend

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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Your husband might have a unique way or a different way of processing life. He might think differently from you, view things differently from his side, converse in a different manner but it does not mean that he does not love you. Try to stop treating him as a girlfriend and react to his silly activities.

4. Stop hanging out with people or friends who devalue your husband

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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There is a harsh truth behind this point. Ignoring this point in your married life can lead to divorce as well. Watch out if any of your friends are talking negatively about your husband. If it is so, that friend is obviously not your good friend and you should keep a distance from him or her. If you do not stop hanging out with such people, you will surely hurt the feelings of your husband. It could lead to a big argument.

Remember those good and true friends will always respect your marriage, and the one who does not respect it is a negative one. For you to maintain your relationship, you have to review your negative as well as positive friends.

5. Stop flirting with other men

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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Stop right now if you have a similar habit. Most of the marriages have this problem and if this habit is in you, then it can be a big problem for your relationship. You may not intentionally cheat your spouse, but unintentionally it may happen. Normally, you may share your talks and laughs with your co-worker, flirt with them, go to secret dates, find them interesting, start hiding things from your husband, and suddenly you realise how you came too far? Isn’t it creepy? But this can happen if you don’t stop flirting with other men.

Flirting outside your marriage is always harmful and can ruin the best relationships in the world.

6. Don’t dishonour your husband

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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Never try to question the abilities and judgement of your husband in front of others. If he is saying any view on a topic, do not end his conversation from your side, because it will look like you don’t really care about his views or judgement. Dishonoring your spouse in front of others can damage your relationship.

If you do not agree with your husband, discuss it in a closed room or lonely place.

7. Don’t treat your husband as a child

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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It happens in almost all husband-wife relationships. To get the best from your husband, sometimes you will start mothering him. You should not do that. Your husband needs a good, loving and caring life partner, not a new mother. If you want to get the best from your husband then simply show respect to him. Just do it and you will notice a great positive result. By behaving like a new mother, you will indirectly make him feel guilty or low which can be bad for your relationship.

Care like a mother, but don’t become a second mother. Love him and care him as his soul partner.

8. Don’t expect your husband to be your prince charming

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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If you wish that your husband is going to be your prince charming like in fairy tales, then you must stop thinking in that way. Fairy tales are just fairy tales but your marriage is real. You might have heard that no one is perfect. If you always expect something from your husband in a dreamy way, maximum times you will end up in disappointment and you will make him feel inadequate as well. The best suggestion in this case for you is not to notice all little shortcomings in him, rather focus and respect the wonderful things in him. This will make him feel more encouraged to be the man of your dreams.

9. Don’t be over possessive to your hubby

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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If your husband has a conversation with a female friend or colleague of his office, you might get some feeling of jealousy in your mind. You might get negative thoughts and feel a bit angry with him. But who knows the truth? It might be that he is having an important official talk with her. It does not mean that marrying you has swiped away all his freedoms. Don’t let him feel that.

Never be over possessive to him. Possessiveness is good but over possessiveness is too bad.

10. Stop putting all household work ahead of hubby

10 Things Married Women Needs to Stop Doing
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Just because you didn’t do single household work in your childhood does not mean you will order your spouse to do all types of household works. Try to divide all types of household work day by day between you two. From taking care of your child to other types of work, you can divide the work together, one day as “daddy day” and another as “mommy day”.

You both will have a great loving and caring relationship if everything is done together, and not only putting all the works ahead of any one person.

Follow up these points in your married life and you will notice the strength growing up in your relationship. Making your marriage and married life the most beautiful moment and part of your life is in your hands. Do not waste it with some silly habits and activities. If there is something to be compromised of, never step back. Make your relationship wonderful and enjoy your married life.

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