6 Lessons I Learnt From My Marriage To Keep My Wife Happy

It’s quite simple to start a relationship but tough to retain the same. Mutual disagreement is the key reason for so many unsuccessful marriages in recent times. Nonchalant behavior on part of husbands to make their wives happy can’t be ignored either. Many times, women of the house don’t even get the respects that they deserve. You must respect your wife.

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If you want to have a happy and peaceful married life, then you should take the initiative to keep the relationship strong with your wife. You must value her properly; she is neither a sexual object nor someone to do household stuff only. She is your better half, do everything possible to always bring smile to her face.

Top 6 Tips To Love Your Wife & Make Her Happy
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  • Gentle Touch: Husbands often take things lightly but wives don’t. Touch her gently in morning or day time – not in a sexual way – just a token of appreciation for her presence in your life. It’s a sort of affectionate body language too that directly connects her heart. Give it a try – she will like it.
  • Give Her Ample Time To Think: Before taking a mutual decision on any issue, you must consult her and give it a good time. Medically speaking, girls are far more thoughtful and sensitive than men. You mustn’t hurry arriving at a conclusion without her consent. If she is taking time to take a decision let it so.
  • Connect to her Heart: Your masculine power doesn’t always make your girl happy. Sometimes do things differently in a cute way. Why not gift her a bouquet of fresh flowers every morning or even a teddy bear doll for that matter? Or you can also take her to a nearby spa every weekend. Also you can do Small things in the morning like helping your wife prepare morning tea or breakfast.
  • Be Attentive: Daily life can’t be a routine affair. Be attentive to her. You as a husband shouldn’t always rant the same three words, “I am busy”. Spend a few precious moments with her and try to know what she needs or even you can directly ask if she is happy with you or not.
6 Lessons I Learnt From My Marriage To Keep My Wife Happy

Make Your Wife Feel Proud Of You

  • Compliment Her Whenever Possible: Girls always love being complimented with praises and admirations. As a responsible and loving husband, you should shower your wife with flowery compliments every now and then. By doing so, she will feel happy and proud of you. Every woman is beautiful in her own respects; you must speak it to her. You should also try to explain how your life has become enriched with her presence.
  • A Wife is Wonderful: A wife never wants a husband to spend lavishly on her. Instead, I suggest you to gift her with small yet beautiful ‘gifts’ on frequent intervals. For example; “You are everything to me” text message is apt to send her when you are at office. Or you can even give her a beautiful photo-frame with her name printed on it. You can even gift her a diamond pendant with her little pic in it. These things will certainly reduce her boredom at home while making her feel more proud of the choice she made – you as her life partner.

Bonhomie between husband and wife is essential for a happy married life. It then paves the way for a happy future for kids.

Always remember that marriage isn’t a gamble or game – it’s union of two souls. Try to keep it healthy and pleasant.

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