Falling in love again : True love exemplified by a 75 year old

Love has always been known as the purest form of worship, the highest form of prayer, unparalleled care and a selfless feeling.

Falling in love again : True love exemplified by a 75 year old

However, love in the current scenario seems to have a blemished appearance.

Corroded with practicality, selfish motives and the unquenching hunt for perfection, the real meaning has been long buried.

It finds itself confined in the web of trolls, valentine day jokes, single v/s committed memes and everything else it doesn’t deserve.

Amidst all this brouhaha, I came across a wonderful gesture by a 75-year-old man towards his beloved, which restored my belief in true love.

Valentine Day Special : True love exemplified by a 75 years old
Love is not a blood soaked feeling expressed in a letter
The disoriented tears strolling down the cheeks
The moon holding your beloved’s face
Nor the heart art on your latte.
Love is not about holding a hand only to leave tomorrow
Nor about the strength we need to face a sorrow
It’s not something which is embraced and later crushed in bed
Nor a mere cushion to adorn a lifeless novel we read
When a 75 yr old relishes upon fresh roses for his better half
Astonishing the onlookers and the entire staff
Couple of hours prior to his 50th wedding anniversary
And later walking away with the bouquet with aplomb
A lesson truly learnt and even memorized
True love is something which can stand the test of time
And backed by memories, not a million dollars neither a dime

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