On Wedding Night, I Realized My Hubby Was Gay But We Are Still Good Chums

Last week, somewhere near that narrow boulevard in Sydney – I noticed a young woman in her 40s silently turning pages of her tattered diary. Being a writer, I was little curious to know what was there in the diary. Actually, it was all about her pleasant memory that she spent with a man, who turned out to be a gay on their wedding night. 

When she found that I was staring at her diary, she stunned me by surrendering the same to me with a mysterious smile. As I read the first few pages – relating to her disenchanted yet fruitful personal life – I was taken aback with what I found there!

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This girl, Janet, 37, married a man some 6 summers back in her vivacious 30s, but he was a gay. Obviously, the marriage got broken as the couple took divorce later but their bonhomie didn’t!

On Wedding Night, I Realized My Hubby Was Gay But We Are Still Good Chums
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Janet Narrated Me Everything About Her Wedding Night Experience.

Janet and Robbie knew each other for the last one decade. They were close buddies but didn’t know anything about each other’s sexual orientations. While Janet was straight her partner Robbie was Gay – the fact that the latter hid fearing public shame. Both were good friends but Janet grew that romantic feeling on Robbie over a passage of time.

Robbie hailed from Perth and behaved almost normally with people around. He was tall, handsome, extrovert, meek, honest, and a man with ample respect for women. Does a girl need anything else in her dream man? Obviously, not!

One evening, she couldn’t hide her feeling any longer. Janet proposed Robbie. And surprisingly, Robbie accepted the proposal. He agreed to it with an honest intention to not hurt Janet’s feeling. He definitely didn’t want to break Janet’s heart by disclosing his reality.

What Happened On that Wedding Night?

On the couple’s wedding night, Robbie kept talking to his male friends while Janet looked on wearing a ravishing white gown. After a couple of hours, she angrily said “If you want to talk to your male friends non-stop, then why did you marry me”? Disconnecting the phone Robbie stared at Janet with tears rolling down over his cheeks.

Nervous Janet, wanted to enquire what’s wrong? Then Robbie confided in. Yes, Robbie was a gay, but due to the illegality of same-sex marriage under federal legislation throughout Australia he preferred not to reveal his inner feeling to anyone else.

Since Janet was his best buddy, so he disclosed everything. “I married you with a sole intention to not break your heart. I wanted someone to disclose my real identity, and I knew that you will feel proud of myself. We are still best friends”, said Robbie and clasped Janet.

Will Same Sex Marriage & Gay Marriage Get Legal Sanction Soon?

What happened then? I asked Janet. Taking a long pause she replied, “We are still good friends. In fact, we took a divorce in the following months, but during my entire stay with him I realized that Robbie was the best man with a compassionate heart”.

On Wedding Night, I Realized My Hubby Was Gay But We Are Still Good Chums
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Janet also revealed how she made Robbie’s meet with his dream man, Dave, possible at a restaurant. The duo truly loved each other with full passion and commitment. 

“What next? I asked. Janet added that she has now dedicated her entire life to work for the welfare of LGBT community, and she will unequivocally raise her voice to make same-sex marriage legal in Australia.

(Real Name & Place have been changed for Privacy)

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