16-year old Hyderabad girl issued a legal notice to “resume” her “conjugal duty”

16-year old Hyderabad girl issued a legal notice to “resume” her “conjugal duty”

When the uproar regarding the refusal of wife to consummate in 2014 arose, people considered it to be a satisfying decision that it can be the basis of divorce as well. In addition to it, the female over 15 years of age is eligible for consensual sex. But I have a question does age determine one’s consent? Where is the idea of “putting your heart” in relationship? Doesn’t this mean that you are marrying a body over 15 years of age and not a person of some intellect, maturity and individuality? If you belong to the lot that considers that sex is surely a physical need but also an emotional and psychological response to someone and you marry the person, not sex, then please read further. This piece of news is capable of shaking you out of stupor.

Force a 16-year old in to marriage with over 35-year old guy.

You cannot claim it to be child marriage, unless it is reported.

The girl is serving a legal notice for not fulfilling her “conjugal duty”, while the husband forced himself physically and sexually on her for over two months.

If these three news reports are not enough then please add this as well. The girl wanted to study further but she was denied that. So now, can you tell me how does all this sound?

16-year old Hyderabad girl issued a legal notice to "resume" her "conjugal duties"
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This is not some concocted story, but a reality of 16-year old Hyderabad girl who was forced to marry a man who is more than 20 years elder to her. She was forcefully married to him last year when she was preparing to appear for 10th examination. So, a bond that is supposed to build on the grounds of trust, love and understanding, was now solemnized on the grounds of ill health of her aunt who wanted to see her son married. You might say this a common occurrence. Agreed.

But which 16-year old girl is expected to serve a legal notice merely because she couldn’t satisfy her husbands sexual needs. This might sound rude or blunt, but I didn’t know that a year gap and getting married matures one to this extent.

So after marriage, she appeared for exam as per her ground condition and was sent off to her husband’s home only to get assaulted, physically and sexually. Two months of unbearable torture, she returned home and thankfully, parents accepted her with open arms. Hereafter, they asked for a lakh rupees given as dowry and the gold only to receive a notice to “resume” sexual intercourse with him. Nice, isn’t it? (Apologies for these reeking sarcastic words.)

Children born amidst havoc
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The girl was brave enough to put a fight against her spouse, by contacting Anuradha- a government run social activists group and Panchayat. However, the middle aged man didn’t subsume and came up with two lawyers. However, when NDTV attempted to tell the lawyer that a legal notice regarding sexual needs to a minor shall result in the case against lawyers, they backed out quoting the lack of information regarding her age. Although legal experts opine that she must approach court in order to annul the marriage before the completion of year of marriage, the question remains. The question of her innocence, of her individuality, her freedom- everything, lurks in the thin air.

I doubt what liberation and what progress we are talking about.

She indeed is a brave girl who want to study further and be someone by her own merit. But what about us, who still fail to name this brave girl. Isn’t the article itself says that we are concerned about her identity and the honor associated.

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