Anti Abortion Law – An Abortion of Fetus or Abortion of One’s Right Over Own Body?

Treating a woman’s body like a vessel of the childbirth, that’s how recent conservative Poland government absolute restriction over abortion bill can be summed up as. In other words, the lady must give birth even if her life is at stake. She must bear the pain of childbirth after facing the brutality of rape. The issue sparked an uproar among the female masses of Poland and later spread across the world population.

Though the Poland government, now is reluctant upon furthering the abortion bill, nevertheless the issue is enough to wind the mind regarding one’s right over own body.

Anti Abortion Law - An Abortion of Fetus or Abortion of One's Right Over Own Body?
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Though aborting a fetus on basis of the sex of the unborn or due to any deficiency in child is wrong. But the rights over her body remains her own as a matter of human right. There are umpteen reasons for which a lady gives up a life forming in her womb. She is mature enough to decide if she wishes to relish motherhood or not.

A human body can bear around 45 del units of pain. But a woman during childbirth experiences 57 dels of pain. In similar and familiar terms, a pain equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. Still, a lady cannot decide whom to give birth and whether she is ready for it or not. This is not just about rape cases or worst health scenarios, but it’s a matter of choice- individual choice.

Anti Abortion Law - An Abortion of Fetus or Abortion of One's Right Over Own Body?
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The abortion bill makes it sound like the human race is on the verge of extinction, thus each fetus must be given birth to further the race.

However, this is not something new. The female body has been seen as a site of contestation, all across the world.

Since ages across the boundaries, everyone has merely commodified the female body, as per their needs. For some the virginity becomes a matter of honor and for that, they didn’t even mind putting on that chastity belt. For some, her beauty is only for her spouse, thus her hair must be chopped badly or must be veiled or even put in chambers. Even for few others, she was just a male child producing machine, if she couldn’t, then she must be abandoned. Her body was never hers, her identity was never hers. She has nothing to be called as hers. Her womb became a property of someone else, her gentiles were always considered open for mutilation.

Jim Rohn aptly said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

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