Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign is winning the hearts

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign is winning the hearts

The advertising companies have been trying different tactics. However, cause initiative marketing is picking up the pace quite lately. In the past, Tata Tea #JaagoRe campaign urged people to pre-act to the cause around Indian general elections (watch: Jaago Re TVC). Ariel has quite recently re-launched its #ShareTheLoad campaign. The TVC ads are becoming quite popular with the urge for gender equality.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere social media platforms are flooded with the #ShareTheLoad hashtag. Ariel calls out to all the men out there to break through the stereotype that laundry is a feminine duty. It asks the men to contribute to household works.

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But how far is it true?

To us, the ladies, any ‘help’ by men of the house is seen as a blessing or something extraordinary. But why? When women walk out of the house to earn, we still need to take care of other chores. Yet there is no reward or recognition or even a word of appreciation for us. Rather the ladies, especially the homemakers are usually mocked by saying, “what do you do! Cook three meals and done. You have it easy.” But I wonder utensils, laundry, kids, other family members who take care of them.

The worse part is when a man attempts to #ShareTheLoad, society shuns him. He is called names. They say he is tied to his wife’s apron. “Joru ka Ghulam”; Wow!! But when your son-in-law helps your daughter, then he is an amazing husband. How? When are we going to do away with this hypocrisy? You, men out there need weekends off to relax but she doesn’t, just because she is being the unpaid maid!

Ladies out there, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THINKING THAT your husband has done a great favour by moving one piece of cloth from here to there. Gentlemen, be the real gentleman. She has moved into your home, and slogging day and night in your house to make it a home. So appreciate and SHARE THE LOAD. And no, you are not helping us, we are capable enough to do it without you. But take care of your mother, wife, daughter like they take care of yours. And SOCIETY, please get over and stop intruding in other’s life. It’s time for the change.

It time’s to break the stereotypes. Who said it’s a womanly duty to do the household chores, #BreaktheStigma

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