Bangalore molestation- Punish the mindset not the short dresses!

This Bangalore molestation case shows that we are still a part of woman hostile society.

Some were groped, touched inappropriately and bodily insulted. Wondering what exactly is being talked about? How can someone behave in this manner? Now, if we say that few females were groped, touched inaptly and bodily insulted, what would you call it? It can’t be rape, but is it not the sheer case of defying someone’s basic rights, irrespective of gender.

Bangalore molestation- Punish the mindset not the short dresses!

What actually happened in the Bangalore molestation case?

This New Year eve, some women in Bangalore were attacked and groped- all in the vicinity of the city police! Eyewitnesses told newspapers that  a group of hoodlums pushed, grabbed and even threw some young women to the ground.

This Bangalore molestation case came  to light because of few nearby CCTVs which were in working condition (Surprising, isn’t it?). A few intrepid girls  also came forward and recounted that night’s horrible chain of events to tabloids and TV channels.

Short dresses, you said!

This horrific incident on a stretch of MG Road was casually brushed away by a Maharashtra politician, Abu Azmi. He suggested that women who wear short dresses and went out to party in the night were themselves to blame.

We, at Social Chumbak are appalled at Mr. Azmi’s comments. Being the president of Samjavadi Party’s Maharashtra and father in law of an Bollywood actor; makes his comments all the more condemnable.

In an interview to a TV channel, he also suggested that India should follow the laws of countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia .

Women in these countries are forced to dress up conservatively. So yet another genius blames the clothes, not minds!!!

Does anyone remember Nirbhaya?

More than 3 years ago, a young Delhi woman, Nirbhaya was brutally raped, heinously assaulted and left naked on a busy road. Many people were outraged and demanded that tough women security measures should be established. Unfortunately, it seems like the government is least bothered about such issues.

But are girls inviting such incidents and that’s why they keep on happening acrooss the country? Just wondering.

Worse, the events following up the Bangalore molestation case tell us about the police apathy. Inspite of media coverage, there have been no arrests so far. Manisha Gupta, a young IT professional told one of the city’s daily that the police did nothing to make women feel safe.

Low conviction in molestation cases

Indian courts and law enforcement agencies  let off many molesters easily. One of the prime culprits in the Nirbhaya case was a minor. And after spending an year in a juvenile home went away as a free man. Another reason  is that women prefer not to come out in the open and report the matter to police. Primary reasons are mental assassination during cross examination and fear of society. Because as a society we still blame women for everything.

We at Social Chumbak recently published an article where we remembered plight of Nribhaya. In the article we raised our concern on increasing trend of Rape Culture. This Banglore molestation incident is another proof that as a society we still haven’t learnt anything. And we dont wants to improve.

Click Here to Read – Plight of  Nirbhaya. Why, we as a society failing again and again.

Support from Bollywood

Aamir Khan came out in support of women and asked that such criminals must be heavily punished.

Watch this video to know how vehemently Mr Khan expresses his view point

Akshay Kumar vented his anger at the molesters in the video he shared on social media.

Varun Dhawan too slammed Abu Azmi in this tweet.

Farhan Akhtar did a hard hitting with his series of tweets. He blasted his anger on both molesters and people blaming girls for getting molested.

Its a social disease which needs to be treated on top priority. Both government and parents has a responsibility. Responsibility to do a surgical strike on mentality of their boys. To teach them an important lesson – “How to behave with women”.

Also law should be made strict. And its implemented has to be ensured. Offenders should be made to think twice before doing such acts.

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