Watch newly wed daughter sharing intercourse experience with her mother

Innumerable times our parents educate us in some fun ways and we learn it without any effort. Isn’t it so? But in an ever-evolving world, don’t you think we need to keep our parents upbeat as well. It is easy to talk and make them tech-savvy. How about introducing your parents to the world of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging world.

But, but, but… there lies a world that had always been hidden, yet is a common knowledge.

Here's a daughter educating her mother about sex in a video that never says "the" word outrightly
Source: youtube

Sex… ever wondered how it would be to talk about this taboo topic with your parents. Every bride dread of having ‘that’ awkward talk with female relatives about the first night. But ever imagined a newly-wed talking about her experience of honeymoon to her mother.

While the censor Board led by Pahlaj Nihalani  is making huge hue and cry over the word – intercourse, this video by Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd., not even once mentions the word itself but doesn’t leave any stone unturned while ‘feeling’ it.

Even the disclaimer of “Khane Mein Kya Hai” itself states that the “film contains audio pornography, sexual innuendo and supports women’s needs” and very starkly mocks at the recent Censor board and intercourse fiasco by saying “the words, “intercourse”, “sex”, and “orgasm” have been respectfully avoided”.

Sexual innuendos comes to foray when the daughter equates sexual experience with food and orgasm with whistles of cooker. The way daughter covertly ‘feels’ it and explains it, it does make the mother uncomfortable but she does listen to it.

Here's a daughter educating her mother about sex in a video that never says "the" word outrightly
Source: Youtube

Here we have an eavesdropper in form of maid who giggles on each description, enjoys every moment of this conversation but never actually participates, apart from “audio pornography” in form of moans.

But here it is not just about sex talk or intercourse, but exposes other realities as well.

Orgasm seems foreign to the old school mother and even seems unaware of her sexual needs. However, her offspring is aware that this topic is bound to make people uncomfortable, including her mother. But she weaves the talk in a manner that even the uncomfortable mother is now interested. It is hard to battle with conventional train of thoughts.

Old school will retaliate with every weapon, and indeed put you in doubts. Herein seeps the generation gap and how the agency lies in the hands of males. Mum calls her daughter to be in honeymoon period who is unaware of harsh reality immersed in the sea of social responsibilities and even sex becomes an obligation towards the husband and his needs.

However, here daughter reverts by saying “zubaan kya sirf aadmiyon ke muh me hoti hai! Aurato ke muh me kya carpet bicha hai?” (Do the men have all the needs? Are women devoid of it completely?)

Here's a daughter educating her mother about sex in a video that never says "the" word outrightly
Source: Youtube

Usually the soon-to-be bride goes through that ‘awkward’ sex education, but what interests us here is that a newlywed daughter is actually educating her mother about her sexual needs, her orgasm and her active role in the entire love making. The 20 something clears the airs for her mother that it is not just ‘act’ but a feeling that her mother must experience as well. It is a ‘relationship’ as she says not something stinking with society and its pressures.

You need to change yourself. Stop thinking of the world

Everyone need to understand that the society can attempt to put you in the framework but cannot subsume you into it, till the time you give in. The societal pressure drowns us when we allow it and just considers it to be our fate. Nobody is going to spoon feed you with the authority you have, but will attempt to veil it. It’s upon you to uncover what is yours and act upon it.

However, mother rises what everyone thinks, “badi badi baatein karne se duniya nahi badal jati” (world doesn’t change with mere big talks).

And that’s the time when the maid speaks up for the first time and said that small changes only can lead to evolution.

This might be yet another video to bring the change, but such attempts will be in vain till the time we actually start understanding the real agency that lies in our hand. The day women understands that it’s the males who are reliant on us and our sexuality that will be the day when the actual change will begin. Or else why don’t you ask the males to reproduce and have all the authorities of the world?

Watch “Khane Mein Kya Hai” which already has about 7 lac views in just a day of going online

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