Dear Aamir Khan, it is time you stopped being a charlatan!

Dear Mr Aamir Khan, I call you a charlatan. Do you know what this word means? It means a hypocrite. You do not have the guts to call a spade a spade. I know it will cause a sense of deep pain and anguish to your fans , but that won’t deter me from speaking out.

The Sarfarosh years

Mr Khan, I remember with awe the after effects of Sarfarosh. Here was a conscientious police officer who called out the nefarious designs of a Pakistani sufi singer. The nation worshipped you , went into a thunderous applause at the message of this action thriller. I think the movie appeared in the early 2000’s.

And another glorious era of yours began

Dear Aamir Khan, it is tiime you stop being a charlatan
A patriach who imposes his dreams on his children. Pic Credits: IndiaToday

Mangal Pandey, Dil Chahta Hai , Lagaan and the uber patriotic Rang De Basanti followed Sarfarosh. Taare Zameen Pe consolidated your image as a film maker who believes in changing the perceptions. I personally thought that you have finally blossomed into a a mature director.

Why did you turn a charlatan then, Dear Aamir?

Your hypocrisy hit the ceiling when you started producing movies like Pk , Delhi Belly and lately, Dangal.

I am not much concerned with the not so corny lyrics of Delhi Belly. But, your postulations in PK and now Dangal have raised my hackles.

Dear Aamir Khan, it is time you stop being a charlatan!
Does only one community need social reform?

Dear Aamir, my simple question is this. When will you put spotlight on different social issues across different communities?

Do you remember the famous Shah Bano case of 1985 which told us that our widows in certain communities do not have legal cover?

Why don’t you focus on the heinous practice of child marriageWhy are young lives wasted at the altar of greed and lust? So many young girls are spirited away by their parents to the Gulf after their marriage to lustful Sheiks!

Can you imagine the pain that a young woman feels when she is divorced at the whims of her husband? I know you can sympathize with them and shed tears. However, the question arises is when will you- the film maker will realize that?

The simple point is this, Dear Aamir Khan; as a social reformer, focus your energies equally on all communities and segments of society. Otherwise, you will be called a hypocrite.

Dear Aamir Khan, it is time you stop being a charlatan!
Be a little more honest in your messaging, Dear Aamir Khan.


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