Defying Saudi laws – Muslim woman arrested for not wearing veil

A young Muslim woman was recently arrested for  defying Saudi laws. The woman, Malak al-Shahri, had tweeted a photo of herself without wearing a veil.

For muslim woman,this is a  crime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Defying Saudi laws - Muslim woman arrested for not wearing veil
Not wearing a hijab is a crime in Saudi Arabia. Image Source – Twitter

Several young men and women have been caught  defying Saudi laws these days. In this case, the woman was arrested and later taken to a police station by the Saudi police. Probably, she would be caned.

The general reaction is of disgust

The online world exploded in self righteous anger. Sarah Abdalla, a  Lebanese women’s activist taunted United States ton being the friend of Saudi Arabia.

Kill her

Many Saudis bayed for her blood. One Twitter user tweeted ,” Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs”  while another person tweeted, “We want blood.”

Lashings follow

Police often hand punishments of lashing to people for defying Saudi laws. Last week, a woman was publicly caned for spending time with a man who ‘was not her relative’. The man was caned too.

Of late, several women have been caught driving on the road. They were later  lashed by the police in accordance with the Islamic laws. Recently, an important Saudi prince voiced his support to women drivers.

Let us hope that Muslim Women in the Saudi Arabia are able to enjoy the same liberties that women from the rest of the world do.

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