On This Independence Day, I’d pledge to be a better citizen

On This Independence Day, I’d pledge to be a better citizen


Today is our 71st year of independence and we as a country have gone through a lot. From fighting the British rule to fighting for equal rights. From living in the most culturally diverse and technologically developed country to a developing country. While our soldiers fight on borders to protect our freedom, we are struggling for our country’s self-dependence.


On This Independence Day, I'd pledge to be a better citizen
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This article is aimed to make you think and contribute to our development. On this Independence Day we need to stand besides each other in this new fight for a change in society.

1. Knowing that there is a huge population, we can channelize the man power into the betterment of the infrastructure of the country and train them instead of straight away giving them employment.

2. Start helping others by funding someone’s education or if we personally have a lack of money, teach them, “each one teach one”.

3. Start respecting women, support them in their struggle to stand on their feet rather than bringing them down by bad mouthing them or scaring them through misogyny.

4. Vote for better ministers and make it constitutional to be educated to fight in elections (we really don’t need CMs like we have who preach misogyny).

5. If we can’t take good from the western countries like independence in the living of all citizens. We shouldn’t take the bad like low marriage success rates because we belong to a very traditionally diverse and strong country.

6. We should also stop with brain drain thus promoting more technically educated people to stay in India by providing better opportunities for them.

7. Diligently pay our taxes because it helps in the better development of the country.

8. Stop fighting for the rights of animals as of yet when there is a dire need of protection of women and lower classes.

9. End with the reservation (for how long will our nation pay for not treating someone’s ancestors wrong) rather provide better education to the deserving and making education available to all, support Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest by giving the best a chance to get what they deserve.

10. Respect all and abandon religion related riots and start treating each other as humans, not branded goods.

So this independence day, rather than just hoisting our Tricolor and eating the laddoos,  we should pledge to become better citizens of our country.

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