A noble cause by DC to make Raipur pollution free

A noble cause by DC to make Raipur pollution free

Raipur is the capital of Chattisgarh. Since becoming the capital on 1st November 2000, Raipur has seen massive industrial and real state growth. But this massive industrialization has resulted in Raipur getting tag of “world’s 7th most polluted city”.
A noble cause by DC to make Raipur pollution free 1
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This deteriorating situation prompted Mr. Omprakash Chaudhary to take urgent action to setup a micro forest.

What is a micro forest

A micro forest is a set up where afforestation is done so as to counter the negative impacts of deforestation and environmental pollution. For a micro forest trees, plants are planted on any available land. This not only help in reducing pollution but it also beautify the area.

Cause of pollution

In the current times, the environment has been neglected, and that is perhaps truer than most things ever said. Billions have been added to the population at regular intervals while land remains the same. Therefore creating a higher than ever pressure on the limited environmental resources. Severe deforestation has been used as the only measure to tackle the problem. Needless to say, most cities have begun expanding further and further into the outskirts. Chopping down any vegetation, whether forested or agriculture.

Finally a step has been taken

As reported by the Better Indian, Omprakash Chaudhary, the district collector of the city has begun planting trees on various spots in the city. Plantation will also be done in the heart of the city where traffic tends to be higher. It will help in counter the effect of poisonous gases released by traffic.
So in times like this, when trees are cut more than grown, the refreshing development from Raipur where India’s first micro forest is being built, comes as an out of the box creation.
The move being undertaken involves plantation of trees on empty land. By this process of forestation, the city is planning on creating a microcosmic forest.

What Next, will it curb pollution?

That humans face tough times ahead, is undeniable. Saving environment, keeping in mind the disastrous pace at which Climate Change is progressing, is a subject that few would disagree with (except if you’re Donald Trump). India especially is one of those countries that will face the brunt of climate change. The population growth and resultant demand is nowhere close to the ability of the nature to provide. On top of that, the brutal truth is that India, as a nation, has focused, perhaps too stringently, on industrial development and modernization, which often comes hand in hand with environmental degradation.

Therefore, it must be noted that while the micro forest plan is a very good initiative, the problem is that this is a remedial measure. Fact is that a remedial measure means that damage has been caused, sometimes even too much. If the authorities and citizens had understood their duties, perhaps there wouldn’t have been a need to take such remedial actions.

In fact, authorities should implement such measures in every cities around the country. Pollution and deforestation is a problem that all cities in India face. It would be a better idea to take measures now than to wait till later when things are too bad.

For example, Agra in Uttar Pradesh, faces a severe water crisis. The groundwater levels have been at an alarmingly low levels. The river Yamuna has reduced to, what many have called it, sewer. Even a report by the Water Commission in 2015 said that the river is polluted beyond recovery.

The situation is even worse in many more Indian cities.

Let’s hope that the authority across the nation have a moment of foresight, the way those at Raipur have had.

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