Narendra Modi Government Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq

Central government lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a solid step in right direction. The recent developments shows that government is willing to provide equal opportunity to the women of Muslim community.

Narendra Modi Goverment Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq, Halala
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The Indian Constitution has always enshrined the concept of freedom, in every sense possible. Freedom of employment, freedom of expression and even freedom of religion. We are a tolerant society and we give everyone the opportunity to be and express themselves, in every way.

As a nation we pave way for people from different religions and cultures to live together and peacefully, allowing them to even practice their own personal laws. However, somewhere along the way, a rift appeared and certain sections felt under threat. This rift was the uniform civil code.

Narendra Modi Goverment Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq, Halala
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Our nation follows a uniform system of criminal laws, same punishment for the same acts, whatever your religion be. The concept of a uniform civil code is the same, in the sense that under this, the same civil laws (including personal laws), would have to be followed by all. There have always been protests and by many people, at that.

It is the Muslim community that puts forth the strongest opposition citing the fact that it would take away whatever religious freedom is afforded to them under the constitution.

The last few months have seen a fresh upheaval in the matter of Triple Talaq with a heated disagreement between the Narendra Modi government and the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board.

The Centre has submitted to the judiciary for putting a bad on certain practices of Muslim personal law such as triple talaq, nikal halala, etc. on the grounds that these are derogatory to women.

The constitution enshrines equal status and dignity of all women, which includes Muslim women; it is a non-negotiable right of every woman.

Narendra Modi Goverment Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq, Halala
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The centre, in a report to the Supreme Court has said that it would impact the women and “have a ripple effect on the rest of the community”.

Every woman must be allowed to enjoy basic rights and liberties, and a concept such as triple talaq wherein a Muslim man can divorce his wife by simply proclaiming the word ‘talaq’ thrice, is derogatory and demeaning. The centre also said that all the fundamental rights are subject to reasonable restrictions and so is the freedom of religion. They believe that it is merely a patriarchal notion that impedes social democracy.

All parties concerned had been asked by the Chief Justice of India to submit written submissions. The issue will be heard further by a Constitutional Bench during the court’s summer vacation.

I hope and pray that Honourable Supreme Court will deliver a historical order.

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