Supreme Court Stands up for Nirbhaya; Death Penalty Upheld

Supreme Court Stands up for Nirbhaya; Death Penalty Upheld

Today has been one of those days for the Supreme Court, when every rational Indian Citizens applauds them. With the verdict being pronounced in the Nirbhaya rape case the Court has proved that there is yet faith to be maintained in the judicial system.

16th December, 2016 started off as an ordinary day for the 23 year old medical student, the evening of which, while returning from an outing with her friend, her life was changed disastrously. Assaulted and brutally raped by 6 men in a moving bus. She was discovered after being thrown out of the bus with her male friend. After a strong fight over 13 days, she finally succumbed to her injuries and died.

The incidents leading up to judgments have been trying, for everybody involved. For her parents, after 4 years, justice has been served.

Supreme Court Stands up for Nirbhaya; Death Penalty Upheld
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The suspects (now victims) were arrested over the course of almost a week and included the bus driver Ram Singh, his brother Mukesh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur along with one Minor. In march however, came the astonishing news of the suicide of Ram Singh, the prime accused in the case. In August, the Minor was accused of being guilty by the Juvenile Justice Board and was sentenced to 3 years punishment in a special home.

In a much appreciated move, the then Chief Justice of India, Altamas Kabir inaugurated a Fast Track Court to ensure a faster trial in the case, given the media attention and building pressure. The accused were sentenced to death by Additional sessions Judge. The appeal made to the High Court by the accused was addressed and the decision of the trial court upheld.

In April 2016, the hearing of the case began with the Supreme Court. In February 2016, a rehearing in the sentencing aspect was decided upon by the Supreme Court.

Today finally, after 4 years, the decisions have been, yet again, upheld and the accused have been sentenced to death.

Nirbhaya case will be a landmark in Indian criminal history.

It brought to light many legal and social impediments to rape.

  • In course of this case, the punishments that can be inflicted on Juveniles of certain age groups have seen reform.
  • The case also saw the nation, from every corner coming together to ensure that justice was brought to the 23 year old girl, whose only fault, was to be a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • This case also brought forth the basic mentality that many people still hold towards the exploits of a woman; in a documentary made by BBC, we saw the lawyers for the accused speaking of how it was incorrect for the victim to be out in the night, it was wrong for the victim to be accompanied by just a male, it was the victim who was at fault for this whole incident, and not the 6 men with the barbaric thought.
Supreme Court Stands up for Nirbhaya; Death Penalty Upheld
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Relief comes, to not just Nirbhaya ’s parents, but also to every girl put on the streets, today.

With the Supreme Court not hesitating in inflicting punishment to those who truly absolutely deserve it, it has told the women of the nation, that there are a few people moronic enough to not respect you, but the court is there to make sure these social impediments are moved aside when you walk the streets.

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