Top 5 Relationship Lessons Learnt from Usain Bolt Controversy

The recent controversy on Usain Bolt partying with girls has once again ignited the debate whether celebrities lack the relationship commitment that they should have in their personal lives?

In fact, Bolt’s long time girlfriend Model Kasi Bennett, 26, has revealed how the superstar sprinter is now cheating her. After achieving a historic feat of Triple-Triple at this year’s Rio Olympics, the champion athlete Usain Bolt did spend some pretty good times with these girls at late night parties. But it didn’t go down well with his girlfriend.

Top 5 Relationship Lessons Learnt from Usain Bolt controversy
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1. Never Cheat Her

Though most males say that they are not the same, yet most of them go on to cheat their partners secretly. In Bolt’s case, his girlfriend swallowed all the emotional pains herself. She liked Bolt’s pictures on social media – depicting the Olympian gold medalist enjoying cool moments at pubs and late night parties with girls – to show her frustration.

2. Don’t Forget Your Commitment

Believe it or not, many boys admit that they cheat their girlfriends because they are unsure of the longevity of their relationship – they think it will end soon. It seems as if they try to justify their cheating by making a prediction, but Bolt’s girlfriend is committed to the relationship that’s why she is silent and not behaving or doing anything in a rush. “Boys do run away from staying committed in a relationship, but girls do not”.

3. Don’t Run After Beauty

Beauty is only the skin-deep. Can you have any specific definition of beauty? No, universally there is no set rule for what you can consider beauty and what you can’t. Hence men shouldn’t run after beautiful ladies but try to retain the current relationship which he is already maintaining with someone else.

Champion athlete Usain Bolt’s alleged late night parties with Jady who is far younger than Kasi Bennet has again opened up the debate that men really run after only beautiful and young ladies or does it depend upon individuals?

Is it the end of the Usain Bolt-Kasi relationship?

4. Don’t Show off Your Popularity with Girls

You are handsome, young and with a good physique. So what? That doesn’t give you a license to enjoy one-night stand with every new girl in your town. According to the media reports, Usain Bolt has taken Jady to his room and danced naked to impress her. Overwhelmed with Usain Bolt’s body she said, “Usain was an Olympic champion in the bedroom too”. It might have impressed the lady but has certainly led his fans down.

Top 5 Relationship Lessons Learnt from Usain Bolt controversy
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5. Don’t Find A New Girl To Hurt Your Girlfriend

Sometimes out of hurry to end the current relationship, boys often indulge in a new relationship. They do it to emotionally hurt their girlfriends. It’s very wrong attitude.

Boys actually devastate more lives by doing so. In Usain Bolt’s case, the sprinter is currently partying with Jady who was earlier associated with an alleged relationship with drug lord Douglas Donato Periera before he was killed by the Police.

Are Men Obsessed with Curvaceous Figure of Women?

Is it cool for a man to party with other girls while his girlfriend is waiting for him back at home?

Top 5 Relationship Lessons Learnt from Usain Bolt controversy
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In Usain Bolt case, his long time girlfriend, Kasi Benett is keeping her deep anguish inside and missing the accompaniment of Usain Bolt, which she well deserved for her relentless pursuit to save the relationship.

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