Sachin Tendulkar is Back to Playing Cricket!

It’s more than three years back since Sachin Tendulkar took retirement, but he’s ready to face cricket again. If you don’t believe the news than read ahead. The god of cricket was the first person to have initiated a concept of 14-cricketer-a-side at school level. The latest report confirmed that the MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) has accepted Sachin’s proposal of 14-member-a-side rule. Even though Tendulkar won’t play cricket officially but his idea will be playing this year at prestigious school-level tournaments.

Tendulkar has conceived the idea a few months back in order to popularize cricket among school-going children. The idea is set to get its official ratification at the upcoming Harris Shield and Garris Shield tournament to be held in Mumbai.

Sachin Tendulkar is Back To Playing Cricket!
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A Peep Into The Proposed Idea of Sachin Tendulkar

According to general cricket rule, only 11-player per side is allowed with a substitute or 12th man. But Sachin’s latest idea is to increase the member-limit to 14. At present this rule will apply to domestic school level cricket.

Sources said that both MCA and Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) are willing to implement Sachin’s 14-a-side proposal from this year onwards. Haryana also showed keen interest in implementing the idea at state-level cricket soon.

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