Halley Berry Stuns Viewers in Kidnap Trailer

Ace Hollywood actress Halle Berry completely captivated the viewers with her upcoming film Kidnap trailer. She will be portraying the role of an aggrieved mother who took extreme steps to save her son. Interestingly, the former Bond girl is making a comeback after a big gap of around couple of years.

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The trailer starts with an amusement park where children are playing. Berry and her son are also there. But suddenly the child was kidnapped in broad daylight despite Berry’s heroic. Even after the Police complaints, Berry couldn’t find her lost child following which she took the matter in her own hand.

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Berry frantically chased roads pursuing that vehicle with a harsh threatening to the kidnappers. The film is slated for its worldwide release later this year on 2nd December. Luis Prieto has directed the movie while Knate Gwaltney wrote the script.

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