Kate Beckinsale Woos Fans in Underworld Blood Wars Trailer

Hollywood diva Kate Beckinsale has once again performed brilliantly in the trailer of her much awaited film Underworld Blood Wars. The film is a sequel to 2012 blockbuster film Underworld: The Awakening. Kate Beckinsale portrayed the role of Selene in that movie and she will reprise that role again of course with a different script this time.

Age Defying Pictures of Halle Berry

Age Defying Pictures of Halle Berry

The sheer joy of watching the beautiful Kate Beckinsale cladding herself in a tight leather outfit (top to bottom) is something that fans can’t miss out. The Underworld Blood Wars starts where its prequel was left of.

Watch The Trailer

Kate Beckinsale in Action in Underworld: Blood Wars

The trailer reveals that the film will show the ensuing wars between the Lycans and vampires. Both the warring parties will try to kill Selene as her blood will be the key to become unconquerable. Directed by Anna Foerster the film is slated for its worldwide release in January 6th next year.

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