8 Things People Who Hate Flying Will Relate To Instantly

Not everyone likes to travel and if they convince themselves for a trip somewhere, flying is not something that everyone prefers. While some are scared of heights, others feel uncomfortable in those cramped up seats that don’t even let you stretch your legs. Here are some things people who hate flying can relate to.

1. Eating Aboard

hate flying
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Not only are food items expensive inside the flight but the table manners also haunt you if you are a carefree foodie. Having to use a fork and knife for the croissant seems like a herculean task among all those frequent flyers who take no time to finish their meals and that too flawlessly!

2. Using the toilet

hate flying
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Walking up or down the aisle and waiting for your turn to relieve yourself in that tiniest toilet ever is really embarrassing, specially when it is the meal serving time and the crew is all over the place excusing themselves to pass your way.

3. Having to control your farts

hate flying
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Not everyone is used to controlling those natural stomach turmoils and if you are one of those who has a tough time controlling your farts, then flying seems like the worst thing ever.

4. Entertainment woes

hate flying
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If you are one of those people who hate flying, then you will nod a big yes to this. How unfair it is to realize there are only a handful of movies and shows available in the flight and they are the ones you have already watched!

5. Cranky kids and snoring co-passengers

hate flying

Aargh, they are the ones you can’t even shout at nor can you bear the torture if you aren’t one of those yourself. All you can do is say goodbye to that sleep you had planned to catch up on while in the flight.

6. Waiting for water

hate flying

Now this is one main reason why I hate flying. You keep pressing that call button on the top and no one turns up. What is more unfortunate is when a crew member does turn up to offer her assistance and then disappears while you keep coaxing your dry throat.

7. The window shades trouble

hate flying

You so want to sleep or at least relax and listen to some music but the passenger across your aisle is beaming up with his window shades rolled up letting the strong sun enter the flight and saying hello straight into your eyes. Yeah, I can picture you with fists and teeth clenched..

8. Temperature that can’t be controlled

hate flying

This is another of those reasons why people hate flying. Sometimes it is too hot to resist while other times, your hands and legs feel numb with cold. And there’s nothing anyone can do, really!?

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