12 Golden Rules For Achieving Success

Aiming high, yet flatters and not satisfied. Is that your case?

Most of us, brush away our failures in the name of luck. Despite of our hard-work, we falter at achieving the desired success. What’s the reason?

We have clear vision of life. We can visualize how beautiful life will be but we just don’t concretely specify the mission. Vision might be glorious but it is nothing about the mission. Mission is when you set a goal for yourself to be achieved in a stipulated time and this mission leads to your vision.

12 Golden Rules For Achieving Success In Life
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It’s not just your passion of wanting to achieve the best but it’s about arranging each small cubicle to form a ladder and achieve that goal.

Even a recent research conducted by Amy Cuddy, Harvard psychologist affirms this. In view of Cuddy,

Our dreams are so unrealistic, “they are so big. They are so distant… They require a million little steps in between, and each of those little steps is an opportunity to fail.”

12 Golden Rules For Achieving Success In Life
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Here are 12 Golden Rules to Achieve Success

  1. Initially, introspect and try to understand what it is that you want. Be sure of it. Be firm on it.
  2. Visualize yourself achieving that.
  3. Now express your feelings about that visualization in writing.
  4. Write that goal on paper (like being a part of Forbes’ list or on sensex or anything).
  5. Paste this paper somewhere in your room where you can see it daily. This will make you more resolute about achieving it.
  6. Share your goal with people. But not with those negative relationships, but with your family and close friends.
  7. Now sit in peace and make a To-Do list.
    In this list, write small goals to target that main aim of your life. For example, saying that within this much span of time, you will achieve this, then that and so on. However, don’t set unrealistic goals. Stay grounded.
  8. Put up this list in your closet.

    Even Brian Tracy said, “goals in writing are dreams with deadline.”

  9. However, after doing this, divide your goals further into smaller chunks. Make it a weekly task. And put this up where you can see it many times in a day.
  10. Always remember to –
    • Keep the list flexible.
    • Don’t be too harsh on yourself.
    • You know yourself and your capabilities, so set goals and time frame accordingly.
    • Don’t make too relaxed that you get lethargic and thus distracted.
    • Moreover, keep your desk and life clutter-free.
  11. Always keep a fallback option. Keep plan B handy. Prepare yourself for any fall.
  12. Just focus on the goals you set for this week and subsequently these weekly goals will make it up to your yearly ones which consequently, leads you to your vision.
12 Golden Rules For Achieving Success In Life
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It’s just about focusing and climbing one step at a time. These smaller goals will keep you on toes and keep you motivated.

When you will look back, you will realize that “you did it all”. You will conquer it all. Remember hard work always pays off; you just need to smartly channelize your energies and work hard and be persistent.

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