16 year old muslim girl married to a Sheikh for 5 lakh Rupees

In a recent shocking incident, a 16 year old Muslim girl was sold to an Oman national, Sheikh Ahmed. This marriage was contracted by the girl’s paternal aunt, Ghousia, and uncle¬†Sikander for merely 5 Lakh Rupees. The marriage took place in a Hotel in Hyderabad in Barkas before Ramzan this year, solemnized by a Qazi.

16 year old minor girl married to a Sheikh for 5 lakh Rupees

The minor’s mother Syeeda Unnisa has filed a complaint with the police to bring her daughter back from Muscat (capital of Oman). She also states that on her repeated visits to Ahmed Sheikh, he told her that the minor will be returned when the money is given back. ¬†Syeeda has been pleading the authorities to charge him with offenses and rescue her daughter.

It is also believed the Ahmed spent four days with the minor bride in the hotel at Barkas and then left her with her paternal uncle aunt. He then arranged documents and visa from Oman and then sent for his bride. He reportedly had been showing her videos of lavish lifestyle she would have if she married him.

This is not a sole case of this nature that has been reported.

There are many such cases. A lot of old and elderly men come to Hyderabad looking for brides because of the match in the culture. Young girls are married off to them for a few lakhs because of the poverty and money mindedness.

While the Muslim girl being married at the age of 15 years is legally valid, it is unethical in nature. No one is allowed to sell someone for any purpose under Indian Law. Such contractual marriages in India are rampant and need to see the end.

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