Little Anaya Ellick Stuns The World

There are stories that inspire and few that stun! Also, there are many which does both. One of the finest examples of such is Anaya Ellick, a first grader of Virginia who won the famous handwriting contest, popularly known as Zaner-Bloser’s ‘Nicholas Maxim Special Award’ for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship.

For a seven year old studying in Greenbrier Academy, the art of balancing a pencil in between her wrists and producing write-ups near to perfection is no mean feat. Anaya braved her disability and proved her mettle that very few would dare imagine. Her handwriting that was nothing less to a sample written by someone who possesses hands stunned the competition director, Kathleen Wright.

Little Anaya Stuns The World By Winning A Coveted Award
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Tracy Cox, the principal of Greenbrier Christian Academy was the one who insisted Anaya to participate in the competition that allows children from kindergarten to eighth grades. What stands amazing, is how this young student defeated about fifty opponents and emerged victoriously. The sentence that won her accolades and appreciation was- “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Going by, this little girl’s mother, Bianca Middleton, said that her daughter is independent and determined. It would not be wrong to say that these qualities led her to win one of the most distinguished competitions in the world.

Little Anaya Stuns The World By Winning A Coveted Award
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In fact, there were times when her mother took things for granted. Looking at her own daughter, she felt the need to look at life in a new perspective. No complaints, no regrets!

Anaya who belongs to the first standard of Greenbrier Christian Academy was always a kid who tried out things. From using forks to tying shoelaces or building blocks, she believed in self-help.

Despite the odds that came along with her disability, she has proven before others at such a young age that hard work and resilience indeed pays off.

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