Must Watch: Baby Elephant Saves A Drowning Man !

People rarely see the bright colors of man-animal bonding. But it was evidently visible a few hours back when a little elephant saves a drowning man. A youtube video posted by volunteers displayed what we call purest love.

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An environment group of Thailand snapped that heart-melting moment inside a video camera when the baby elephant emerged superhero while saving a drowning man without caring about his own life.

Watch Video: Baby Elephant Runs to Save a Man

Volunteer Darrick Thomson felt uncomfortable while swimming against the rising tide. At that very moment the infant creature Kham Lha rushed to save Thomson using his little trunk. It perfectly shows the unique love relationship of animals and humans.

Must Watch: Baby Elephant Saves A Drowning Man !
Image Courtesy: andrew-chant

“Treat animals with love and they will shower you back with all the kindness and affection”.

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