Blooming Love Under the Breathtaking Supermoon

I love you to the moon and back. But when moon is so beautiful, I feel like holding your hand and just look at it. Lie down beside you to look at an unattainable beauty with a beauty in my arms. That’s what the fusion of love and moon do to you. 

Blooming Love Under the Breathtaking Supermoon.

Blooming Love Under the Breathtaking Supermoon
Image Source: Social Chumbak

When it is glorious supermoon and the land beneath you scintillates in that moonlight, the love attains altogether a new height. Supermoon might not be a scientific term, but it is the time when moon is the closest to the Earth. On an average, an extreme supermoon occurs in 14 months, approximately. Yesterday (that is November 14, 2016) was the most extreme after 1948 one. So, with everyone even Social Chumbak team bathed in the glory of breathtaking supermoon, and yes fell in love as well (with moon 😉 ).

Looking at that sparkling moon, I realised that it will fade away but not the hand holding me.

Blooming Love in Breathtaking Supermoon
Image Source: Social Chumbak,   Viewing from a telescope, moon was captured by one of our friend. But a revelation came along with the it in form of a message, ‘darkness added more beauty to it, like you did in the mundane life. There might be a no moon day in our lives as well, but I know somewhere in that gloom, I will have your back.

A night before Supermoon, taking me to that window silt, you made me realize something. “Life is better than a dream even if it’s far and veiled by branches.” All it takes is a plunge of faith.

“I would rather be your moon in those dark hours. Might be full of imperfections and not there every hour, but still lovingly caress you in the darkness.”

Blooming Love in Breathtaking Supermoon
Image Source:

A hesitant step, an ephemeral look but someone always there to catch. That’s what I want to scream now, because that someone is you .

Like this dear friend of ours sent these gorgeous pictures to us, you can also send your entries (stroies, pictures, anything and everything). And yes, we do maintain anonymity on request, as done for Mr. Amazing photographer and an exceptional wordsmith.

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