When Chris Gayle’s Knock Scared Brian Lara !

West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is known for his straight forward conversation. He has turned into an author and has recently penned his autobiography “Six Machine: I Don’t Like Cricket…I Love It”. The publisher of the book is Penguin Viking with a price tag of Rs. 599 and 275 pages. The book has been co-authored by Chris Gayle and Tom Fordyce.

When Chris Gayle's Knock Scared Brian Lara !
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His latest book makes a startling revelation of how Brian Lara was worried as Gayle was inching towards the ‘magical 400’.The book focuses on so many controversial anecdotes relating to cricket that readers would find it very riveting and interesting.

Did Brian Lara Play for Records Only?

When Chris Gayle's Knock Scared Brian Lara !
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Gayle categorically described how Brian Lara was constantly getting scared as Gayle was approaching towards 400. Though, Gayle got out for 317 in that test match against South Africa in 2005, but he felt that Lara was heavily frightened to see Gayle’s magnificent knock. He worried that Gayle might break the “magical 400” record.

When Chris Gayle's Knock Scared Brian Lara !
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In his own words, Gayle wrote, “Some players do care about records, while referring to Brian Lara who was dismissed for 4 in that match. Lara neither said anything to Gayle nor congratulated him for that well-crafted knock. Rather, Lara came to balcony frequently to check Gayle’s score and was not enjoying the match.

Chris Gayle, Women and Controversy

The Sixer king Chris Gayle claimed himself as a hot boy and women’s attraction. A recent while back, Gayle courted unwanted controversy with sexist comments hurled at a female journo in Bangalore.

When Chris Gayle's Knock Scared Brian Lara !
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Gayle once again made sexist remarks saying, “There are women who want to touch you. Honey traps are there in cricket too. Anti-corruption sessions teach about these things – there are stings on the cutest flowers”. However, the tall Caribbean also explained that if a girl throws herself at him in later years, then he won’t give much attention to her as he would be aged man then.

 Is Chris Gayle the Greatest West Indian Cricketer

In the book, the talented left-hander claimed himself as the greatest West Indies batsman with more ODI hundred than Brian Lara, more test catches than Clive Lioyed and lots more sixes than anyone else.

Well, no doubt about it that Chris Gayle is definitely the world’s most fearsome batsman ever but his loud mouth and over friendly approach towards media and women certainly making him the most controversial cricketer ever.

When Chris Gayle's Knock Scared Brian Lara !
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“Obviously, his performance off the field has to be appropriate and right or else his on field performance will continue to remain as a mere mirage with no real values”.

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