Go Get Raped: Watch Delhi Aunty's video on Cloth Shaming

Go Get Raped: Watch Delhi Aunty’s video on Cloth Shaming

I often heard that woman bring other women down or “aurat hee aurat ki dushman hoti hai”. I even have come across such circumstances personally when women haven’t supported me being a woman. But never have I ever heard one woman tell other women to go get raped.

This is in regarding the video going viral about a Delhi aunty who is screaming at a young group of girls about their dress lengths.

Go Get Raped: Watch Delhi Aunty's video on Cloth Shaming

The woman with impeccable English(read sarcastically) is seen shouting on a group of girls about wearing shorts and showing thighs. The main parts of the video have been deleted by Instagram but some of it is still available.

Delhi aunty is seen shouting this, verbatim, “All the ladies wear short to short dress or naked to encourage men to see them”, “All the ladies wear shorter dress to get raped” “If you are the parents please control the girls and tameez se baat karein”.

Like seriously aunty? where did your tameez go when you said that these women want to get raped?

What hasn’t been going viral is the video about the lady who comes and supports the girls and strong worded scolds the aunty. She tells her to apologize. And what she says makes more sense, she says she’s a mother and she would never ever say anything such as go and get raped to anyone.

Like the girls said, “2-2 saal ki ladkiyo ka rape hota hai, kyu?”
“80 saal ki auraton ka rape hota hai, kyuki woh saree pehenti hain?”

So tell me now aunty, if a two-year-old can get raped when she doesn’t even know what rape is and when an old lady can get raped when she doesn’t have the energy to get up from the bed, why do men rape? Just because my thighs show? Just because my skin shows?

NO. It is because the minds of people are corrupted. It’s because they were raised by parents like you. It is because we fail to see women as humans.

The world is changing, it’s about time we stop commenting on people’s clothes.

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