7 Steps to Overcome Depression And Become Successful Again

No longer can you say that depression is just a mental problem. To be honest, it’s not just a mental anomaly but something much bigger than that. Being depressed not just means you are unhappy from inside but it’s directly proportionate to your success as well.

Higher a person is depressed, more is the chance of his or her failure in life.

Temporary depression is alright, but if you feel yourself of getting addicted to hopelessness, you should not encourage it in even in minuscule form any further. You have to fight it out and again grab the world at your own palm.

Fighting depression is a challenge and you have to emerge victorious to make your life more successful and fruitful.

How Can Depression Prevent You From Accomplishing Success?
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Fight Against Depression – Tooth And Nail

  1. Find Your Inner Treasure: Are you that much fragile that even a depression or your hidden fear can take a toll on your mental and physical health? Don’t look further. Find your inner treasure today. Be it mountaineering, bungee jumping or simply writing a book. Be audacious and try to do something which you haven’t done before.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is relaxing your mind. Do activities which relaxes you. Be it sleeping or silent prayer. Just free your mind from all worries and let it relax. Meditation will re-energize your mind. It empowers your mind to overcome any kind of depression. You will feel motivated to achieve your goals.
  3. Get Inspired: Amidst all gloominess in your head, just think how the great persons like Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Allan Poe fought depressions in their lives. Even Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone achieved success only after winning her battle against depression.
  4. Creativity: Foremost indication of a depressed person is his love for loneliness. Obviously, when you are lonely your creative juices will be stimulated more so try something different. Yes, you can write, paint or compose music during this tough period and focus hard on your creative skills. Who knows it might turn out your magnum opus.
  5. Don’t Let Drugs and Alcohol Devastate You: More than the disease itself, what hurts a person more are his frightening thoughts and bad habits. Especially, if you are prone to depression keep alcohol and drugs out of your life. It’s really very difficult to get rid of something that you have been addicted to. But to retain happiness in your life you must do it.
  6. Laugh a Lot: When your mind is preoccupied with obnoxious thoughts; give it a break. Laugh a lot instead. By laughing louder and for a long time – you can easily mitigate your depression. Also, laughter keeps our heart healthy, which otherwise suffers most due to abnormal palpitation during depression.
  7. Socialize and Meet New People: Don’t fear people. They are far better than your negative thoughts. The best antidote to cure depression and become successful in life is to meet new people and socialize with them. This will not only keep you aloof from unwanted thoughts and worries but can be a pleasurable get-together occasion as well.
How Can Depression Prevent You From Accomplishing Success?
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Some Thoughtful Words On Overcoming Depression

Every time the suicidal thoughts and excessive fearfulness comes to your mind, just repeat this couplet written by WH Davies;

“What is this life full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare!”

With these lines,  I am concluding the article and suggesting every depressed person to see life in a buoyant perspective. The day you start feeling positive and hopeful, success is ready to kiss your feet.

“Did you know that Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway, the famous American writer was once so depressed that he wished for suicide? But his inner soul wasn’t convinced. He overcame depression and created history with his immortal works like “A farewell to Arms, The Old Man and The Sea, For Whom The Bell Tolls and many more”.

So, don’t make your life worse by entering into a deep and dark tunnel of depression where there is no way out. Try to find a way out and you have to do it yourself – nobody will do it for you.

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