9 Reasons why family is equally important while building your career

Why do we always need to choose between success and family? Why to trample one thing in order to gain other, and mostly it’s family which is trampled, smothered and stifled. Surely, no pain, no gain is true. But that loss or pain was never supposed to reach to the extent of feeling aloofness. This feeling sinks in when when you are too busy even for your parents, spouse and children. Nothing can come at the cost of family.

In the desire to be successful, somewhere down the line we are lost. There is some of sort which we cannot pinpoint, yet the quenchable thirst of success remains.

Faamily or Sucess - 9 Reasons why family is equally important while building your career
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Relationships are not a cakewalk, or a matter of chance rather you need to nurture them. May be we were blessed to have them as a part of our family, but now it’s upon us how we maintain them.

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Surely we work for them. We are working to provide them with the best of the things. But what will happen when you grow so distant from them, that it becomes difficult to reach to them.

9 Reasons why family is equally important while building your career

  1. Work for them but don’t zone them out.
  2. It’s their smiles, their happiness that we wish for, but what if you stay so engrossed in the aim of being successful that you just don’t know if they are happy or not or how are they.
  3. Today in this maddening race of being successful, we are rushing towards something that is in future, might be in the near future but we are losing the present.
  4. So it’s highly important that you share at least one meal with them peacefully, leaving all the professional worries at bay.
  5. Your holidays, your weekends, special days like birthdays and anniversaries, should be your family day.
  6. Try to schedule your time. It’s really important to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Like the aim of being successful is important for you, similarly being your loved ones is also equally important.
  7. Family need money, surely, but more than that they value your presence and the moments spent with them.
  8. Though I understand it is important to maintain professional relationships, but understand that it’s only your family who will stand by even in fire and ice. So never ignore them.
  9. Never take them for granted. Just understand this that you might get this job again, but once they are lost, a lot will be lost.
Faamily or Sucess - 9 Reasons why family is equally important while building your career
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The feeling of void that prevails in your heart is just because of the fact somewhere in those deepest corners of your heart you yearn for love, that love of your parents, siblings, spouse and children. Howsoever much you try, but those phony professional relationships, or those escapes in virtual relationships and your love for work can never fulfill that. So just try to prioritize things. Maintain a balance between two spheres. Success will be meaningless without them. It’s with your family that you find solace and a feeling of completeness, so don’t rush behind something flimsy, but be with those people who love you. The family can contribute to your success, but your success surely isn’t a benchmark for your family.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
— Oprah Winfrey

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