Happy Mother’s Day, Always Respect Your Parents

Happy Mother’s Day, Always Respect Your Parents

“No Love is Greater Than Mom’s Love and No Care is Greater Than Dad’s Care”

Always Love Your Parents, Happy Mother's Day
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Today is the Mother’s Day. A mother brings you to this beautiful world and a father nurtures you well to make a great human being when you grow up. Every parent goes through lots of hardships and tumultuous days to give a better life to their children. But what they achieve when they become old?

If there were a time machine available, each child should take a ride on it. This is possibly the only way by which we can realize the immense contribution of our parents towards our well-being. But alas, the hard work, dedication and sincerity of parents can neither be measured nor be ever gauged. Even mathematics has no digit to count the same.

“A Mother is She Who Can Take The Place Of All Others But Whose Place No One Can Ever Take”

Those are really fortunate and luckier to have retained the love of their parents in youthhood; it is a world of its own. The affection of a mother is incomparable. Similarly, a dad’s care is unarguably the world’s best. And I don’t have an iota of doubt saying that living with one’s own parents happily and enjoying quality time with them is the world’s biggest ecstasy.

Happy days don’t stay always. There comes a time when we have to accept the harsh reality of life and brutality of god! Parents grow old, becomes weak and don’t live forever. And those who live longer life are often seemed languishing at old age – wishing for early death. But why it happens? It’s only because of selfish desires and lack of a compassionate heart that bring such misfortune to parents.

Always Love Your Parents, Happy Mother's Day
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Once children get married, new responsibilities are added to their lives. Showing no signs of conscientiousness and humanity, they disown the very parents who brought them to this heavenly world. No parents want their children to remain busy only with them, but the children on growing up just avoid spending happy moments with parents. Actually, they fear to take care of aged parents without realizing the fact that these very feeble hands of parents had nurtured them once when they were small.

You Got Them Only Once!

The uttermost truth of this world is that without loving your parents, a FAMILY is incomplete! The word itself says “Father And Mother I Love You”. Hence before deciding to have a nuclear family including ‘You, Your Spouse and Your Children’, far away from the place where your parents dwell, spare a thought for them.

They are the living god and goddess and probably much more worthy than the worship that you offer to idols at temples. Only, when they are no more, children come to realize what a biggest blunder they have done by ignoring their parents. But by then it’s already very late & irreplaceable.

“Wishing all of You A Very Happy Mother’s Day & Remember to Celebrate it daily. Not Just once every year !

Every parent deserves some love and respect from their children.

And their kids must do that.

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