How to Lead a Happy Positive Life

In this rat race, when there is cut-throat competition somewhere down the line each of us has started losing the faith in oneself, in life and in the world. Sometimes, we hear ourselves saying “I give up”, “I can’t do it any further” or maybe “this is the end”. Seemingly, our life has been sucked out.

We live in a vacuum despite of being productive and active in life. So it’s time to know how to mend ways and spread positivity in life.

Happy Positive Life
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Initially it’s important to understand that IT’S NOT THE END. Life goes on. Life has always been there when that particular thing/person was not there; it will be there without them as well. So, cherish the moment. Enjoy life now, but stop living in past or fretting over the future.

“Karmanaya Vadikarastya Ma Phaleshu Kadachin”

Lord Krishna in Verse 47 of Chapter 2 in Bhagwad Gita told Arjuna that “act without thinking of the outcome. Don’t work to draw the desired outcomes. You should not also quit acting”. Make this a motto of your life. Amalgamate yourself with the job you’re doing, don’t worry about the outcomes. Just relish your work and give your best.

Take a deep breath each time you are hyperventilating over something. Ask yourself “what will be the worst outcome of this failure” but along with it, understand and ask yourself “what are you losing at this moment”.

This self interrogation will make you realize that this is not the end of life, but surely you are loosing onto many things in present.

Happy Positive Life
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We are conditioned to be negative and think in the manner “if this won’t happen then…” It is important to change this way of life. But be convinced and stay motivated to change it.

Give yourself realistic and achievable goals yet at the same time, it should be challenging.

Keep Your Environment Positive

There is no need to drag emotionally taxing relationship with you. Be in the company which actually provides you solace, uplifts you not only emotionally but psychologically as well. Negative relationships are like an unwanted baggage, so drop them down.

Happy Positive Life
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Morning walk, brisk exercises and yoga can actually help you in staying positive and energetic throughout your day, as this helps in increasing the oxygen intake. While the day starts with exercise, end it with recounting all the positives of the day, along with it express your gratitude towards everything and everyone.

Being positive is obviously a state of mind but also a matter of perspective.

It’s in you, how you see a glass of water as half empty or half full, or your life as full of sorrows or as been blessed with a life of a healthy human being who has an amazing support system. Cherish what you have today, live in today and laugh your heart out. Keep loving yourself and take each passing moment as an experience, learn from it and grow but never to cease.

If you follow these simple “MANTRAS” you will definitely live a Happy Positive Life!!

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