Harbhajan Singh Recalls Scary Days of Sledging

Harbhajan Singh is one of the most candid cricketers. Since his debut in 1998, Bhajji is known for his good sense of humour. But if provoked, Bhajji is capable of hitting back harshly be it anyone. 

In the late 90s era, the Aussie cricketers were notorious for their sledging behavior on the field. Something for which even Chris Gayle is famous worldwide. But Harbhajan Singh had a unique way of dealing with on-field rivalry and spar. Take a look at them! 

Top 4 Banters of Harbhajan Singh in Cricket 

Shoiab Akhtar: Bhajji had frequent spats with ‘Rawalpandi Express’ on the field. Recalling those days, Harbhajan revealed how Shoaib abused him lots in Hindi. Once Shoaib asked Bhajji to hit six and the latter scored the same which infuriated the bowler more. 

Harbhajan Singh Recalls the Days of Sledging
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Glenn McGrath: Harbhajan Singh was always on Mcgrath’s radar and the Aussie bowler frequently abused him. But Bhajji gave it back harshly. If McGrath abused Bhajji once, then turbunator used to abuse McGrath twice and a few years later, Glenn McGrath completely stopped sledging. 

Harbhajan Singh Recalls the Days of Sledging
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Darren Lehmann: The current head coach of the team, Lehman used to sledge Harbhajan Singh lots every time the two cricketers faced each other. Fed up with repeated banters, Harbhajan once asked Lehman, “Are you pregnant pointing towards his tummy”? But it followed laugh riots when other players came to know about it. 

Harbhajan Singh Recalls the Days of Sledging
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Andrew Symonds: One of the most controversial sledging ever, Harbhajan Singh’s remark on Symonds was completely misunderstood. Recalling the whole episode, Bhajji revealed to India TV that he never used the word monkey but used a simple hindi slang on him.

Harbhajan Singh Recalls the Days of Sledging
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