Heartfelt Tribute to Muhammad Ali, We Don’t Know

World’s greatest boxer and the legendary athlete Muhammad Ali is no more. He died at a Phoenix-area hospital yesterday where he was being treated for his respiratory problems. The 74-year-old legendary athlete had been away from public spotlight for the last few decades owing to his battling against the Parkinson’s disease which he caught some 32 years back.

When it comes to Ali, he perfectly epitomizes how far the self determination can take you. He rose to fame at a time when US was burning due to the flames of racism. Yet, Ali fought back and stood top of the others while inspiring million others to stand for what is right.

Heartfelt Tribute to Muhammad Ali, We Don't Know
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In recent times, though battling his feeble health, Ali vehemently raised his voice against the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s provocative speech where the latter demanded ban on Muslims from entering the United States. In one of his statements he made last December, the legendary athlete said, “We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda”. Such was the fighting spirit of this gentleman.

Muhammad Ali was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay in Kentucky to middle-class parents and entered into the world of Boxing at a wee age of just 12 before becoming an overnight star with a gold medal in light-heavy weight category in 1960 Olympics in Rome.

He strongly advocated for race equality in his early days and threw away his Olympic gold medal into river when he was refused services at a soda fountain counter in USA. Similarly, in 1967 Ali clearly said that he won’t participate at the Vietnam War when he was drafted to serve the US army. Muhammad Ali didn’t believe in war and said that Vietnam wasn’t his enemy instead he was determined to fight against the social evils of the American society.

Muhammad Ali: Records at a Glance

1) Boxing Champion (Gold Medal) in Light-heavyweight category in Rome Olympics 1960.

2) Remained World Heavy-weight champion from 1964 to 1967 and from 1974 to 1979.

3) His boxing records include 56 wins from 64 professional matches fought.

4) Muhammad Ali retired in 1981 with 56 victories and 37 knockouts to become the greatest Boxer ever in the history.

Heartfelt Tribute to Muhammad Ali, We Don't Know
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Muhammad Ali: The great Humanitarian

1) He visited Iraq in 1990 to seek the release of American hostages.

2) He lit the flame for Atlanta (US) Olympics 1996 with shaking hands due to Parkinson’s disease yet with indomitable spirit.

3) Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, opened after his name, promotes tolerance and respect among communities in USA.

4) During 1960s and 1970s, Muhammad Ali participated at lots of exhibition matches to raise fund for the veterans and aged people stranded in drought hit African nations.

5) A few months back Muhammad Ali relentlessly fought to free two American hikers held captive in Iran.

Heartfelt Tribute to Muhammad Ali, We Don't Know
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Muhammad Ali was not just a greatest athlete but a wonderful human being too. We at Social Chumbak pay our utmost respect and heartfelt tribute on his demise – an irreparable loss to mankind and world – conveying our deepest condolence to his family and fans.


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