Hindus Protest Against Shoes with Religious Symbol in Pakistan

An article published in Hindustan Times, one of India’s leading English newspapers, has reported the recent protests of minority community in Sindh province in Pakistan, where people from are strongly protesting against the sale of shoes having sacred symbol “Om” inscribed in them.

Hindus Protest Against Shoes with Religious Symbol in Pakistan
(Image Source: Tribune Pakistan)

Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC), while terming the incident as an unfortunate one, lodged formal complaint with the Sindh government. “The state must play a proactive role in punishing the culprits under the blasphemy laws,” Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the patron of the Pakistani Hindu Council (PHC), said in a statement.

The news went viral with many people across the world shared the same on social media demanding the immediate stoppage of the sale of such shoes and book the culprit under the law. They condemned the incident altogether.


Pakistan Hindu Seva (NGO) alleged that Zeb Shoes, the company which is selling those shoes must be prevented from doing so as it hurts the emotional sentiment of the minority community in the country. Southern province of Sindh in Pakistan has a huge population of Hindu people there.

Hindus Protest Against Shoes with Religious Symbol in Pakistan
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According to latest sources from Police, the alleged shopkeeper named Jahanzaib Khaskheli has been arrested under the Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws from the town of Tando Adam in Sindh Province. District police chief also stated that all shoes with the religious symbol have already been confiscated from the shop yesterday.

If convicted the shopkeeper could face an rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years in jail with fine. Also the manufacturer of the shoes will be booked under the same law. Hindu community in Pakistan demanded immediate arrest of the manufacturer as well.

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan prevent people from insulting any religion. Any person booked under this law might face rigorous imprisonment up to 10 years in Jail with fine or life sentence depending upon the situation.