I Married A Rapist!

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“I got to work today limping, with my face bruised, with my arms, barely able to lift… I dragged myself with every step towards my desk.  All eyes struck on me with bewilderment. “What happened to you?” asked a co-worker. To my shock, with stuttering lips I said the most horrific thing my ears have ever heard! I was RAPED! My friend held me close and with tears in her eyes, asked me “who was it and where?” The next few words were even sicker than one could imagine…. “My Husband”, I said.”







In a society like ours,violence against women is not a new phenomena. Our bodies belong to our husbands and denying sexual pleasure to them is considered unlawful. Just mentioning marital rape, a couple of years ago or even today, in a traditional community, may send out laughter. How can our husbands rape us? Isn’t it their right? My question is why can’t they? And how dare they?

Why being a woman such a disturbing thing? This is a staggering question! According to a statistics by UN Population Fund, about 2/3 of married women in India, aged 15-49 are raped and beaten. Laws for the protection of women are extremely poor and JUSTICE is a far away cry!

Every woman is born with a dream. WE Love, we Give and we DIE for the man we marry. But does any woman imagine that all the celebration at weddings would turn a hellish affair? Marrying a sexually and emotionally angry man is life’s worst nightmare! Our boys are stuck in a cycle of sexual perversion and this generation knows no escape.


Where does it all start from? We see the exodus of many men from dysfunctional families, with fathers physically abusing their mothers or where men openly caress other women in the family right before these boys. We live in a society where sex is shamed yet performed behind closed doors with utter boasting.

It is a painful reality that every 6th hour a woman in India is raped or beaten to death. Such striking revelations only prove the depravity of our upbringing.


How can these realities change? How can we contribute to the development of our understanding of sex, women protection, marriage and freedom given the current scenario where women like Nirbhaya and Jisha are brutally raped and murdered? With deep regret I must say that I don’t have an answer!


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