Jamshedpur Is Our 1st Zero Water Discharge City!

Jamshedpur, also known as Tata Nagar, is poised to become India’s first city with ‘Zero Sewerage Consumption’ within a year. The process for the same has already started. According to Rabindra Kumar Singh, Deputy General Manager of Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited (JUSCO), the work is in progress and will be completed shortly.

The Zero Liquid Discharge System will be put in place after completion of the aforesaid project checking sewerage water from entering into Jamshedpur’s waterways. The process involves removal of dissolved solids and other waste compounds from the waste water and then recycling the same to get distilled water, which could be later used for industrial purposes.

Jamshedpur Is Our 1st Zero Water Discharge City!
(Image Source: thebetterIndia)

The plan is to recycle 100 per cent waste water in the city and reuse the same after being recycled at two treatment plants at Bara and Bistupur in Jamshedpur. The Bara plant could treat more than 25 litres of sewerage water on a daily basis, while Bistupur currently has a capacity to treat more than 10 litres of sewerage water every day, official sources added.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Chandreshwar Prasad Singh has expressed his full satisfaction over JUSCO’s notable effort and innovation towards making Jamshedpur India’s 1st Zero Water Discharge City. He also wished other organizations to come forward and work towards such initiatives.