Kerala love jihad case is all about making Kerala a “terror “factory

Kerala love jihad case is all about making Kerala a “terror “factory

I first learned about the Kerala love jihad case a few months back when a girl accused her parents of keeping her away from her ‘husband’. This girl lived in the Malappuram area of Kerala.

This case is important from the point of view of national security and the demographic balance in Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country.

One of the newspapers that carried this story is Indian Express.

Kerala love jihad- a background

The Hindu girl became a Muslim before marriage to a Muslim boy. Even before her marriage, she had probably eloped with him. The parents requested the police to find her. Even while the police was trying to find her, she and the boy ‘married’ – the girl had turned a Muslim before her wedding.

Kerala love jihad
Jahan ‘converted’ Akhila cleverly and the marriage is void, said the Kerala High Court. Creds- Indian Express

The parents, of course, did not take to this ‘marriage’ calmly and termed it as a case of love jihad. It was well-oiled conspiracy to convert their daughter, the parents alleged. They approached the Kerala High Court to get this wedding canceled. The Hon’ble High Court agreed that the marriage was a sham. Canceling the marriage, the Court sent the girl to her parent’s custody.

Agreeing with her parents, the Court said,

“Marriage being the most important decision in her (Akhila)’s life can only be taken with the active involvement of her parents. The marriage, which is alleged to have taken place, is a sham and is of no consequence in the eye of law. Her husband has no authority to act as the guardian.”

The girl was later on sent to her parent’s custody.

The girl’s so called husband challenged this decision and later approached the Supreme Court to get her ‘wife’ back.

Was it love jihad?

Even as the Kerala love jihad case was being heard in the court, the police decided to check the role of the husband. The police found out that Jahan, the so called husband of the girl was the admin of two WhatsApp groups. What was even more interesting in the entire case that an ISIS operative was a member of both these groups. Jahan told the police that as soon as he heard about the deeds of this operative, he (Jahan) removed the said man from both the two groups.

Basis a detailed investigation, the Kerala police concluded that Jahan had no criminal background or acts related to this case of love jihad.

But the Supreme Court has different ideas on this case.

SC asked NIA to ‘Investigate’

When Jahan approached the Supreme Court for a review of the High Court decision, the apex court did something inexplicable.

It ordered the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to find out whether there is indeed a conspiracy in Kerala to lure Hindu girls and make them Muslim. The NIA is a central investigation agency and its mandate is to find out any conspiracies that affect the country.

Funnily, Jahan opposed the handing over this case from the Kerala Police to the Federal force. He told the court that one should trust the findings of the local police.

However, the Supreme Court did not find any merits in Jahan’s submission.

Terror=Kerala love jihad

Many of our readers would be wondering what is wrong in a Hindu-Muslim marriage?

On the face of it, there is nothing wrong behind inter-religious ties. However, the problem arises when the girl or the boy is coerced or forced to change his or her religion.

In Kerala, the Bhartiya Janata Party has alleged that there is a conscious effort to convert a large number of Hindu girls & boys into Islam. They are befriended by young Muslim men & women. That friendship later becomes a love affair. And post that the Hindu boy or girl is forced to change his or her religion.

This campaign of changing one’s religion by way of love is called Love Jihad. The word, jihad, means a campaign against the infidels by the Islamicists.

Kerala love jihad
If this trend continues then Kerala will be lost to Islamic terrorists forever. Creds;

In Kerala, many Muslim youth are being brainwashed by their ISIS operators to change its population profile by love jihad. The ISIS hopes that by this change, Kerala would be the breeding ground of Islamic terror in India.

If you are wondering why Kerala, then please bear in mind that this is one state where Muslims are in a good number.

In the spotlight

Thanks to this case, the words, ‘love jihad’ are now being debated in the television channels and drawing rooms. A few years ago, these words had no meaning. Anyone debating love jihad was considered a nut crack.

Even as I write this article, I am watching the evening edition of Arnab’s news show that is highlighting the venal aspects of love jihad.

This show is showing a young woman, who after being converted to Islam, was also asked to convert her mother! I am sure there will be other cases like this one where a young woman was conned into conversion.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that terror comes in a new package- Love Jihad!

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