Must Watch: When a Kid Saves Baby Brother’s Life

If there is any relationship that comes next only to parents-child relationship is the siblings’ bonding. There is a kind of invisible mutual affection and bonhomie among siblings since childhood. In this video a kid saves baby brother’s life.


Kid Saves Baby Brother's Life
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Recently surfaced video originating from the far flung Florida,United States affirms this bonding when a little boy of 9-year miraculously saved his infant brother!

Video of a 9-year old Kid Saves Baby Brother’s Life

The toddler was accidentally slipping away from a table. But his elder brother, Joseph, was quick to catch him when saw his baby brother was falling 4-feet off the changing table at Florida. Joseph has certainly saved his baby brother’s life or else it could have been a medical emergency.

The mother of the sibling stated to CNN, “I was just getting everyone ready for bed, I was home alone with the five kids and at first I said, ‘I messed up, I did something wrong’“. But it turned out okay as the toddler escaped unhurt from the possible head injury. All thanks to Joseph’s timely intervention.

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