What If Kohinoor Diamond Comes Back To India?

If one issue which is constantly trending these days from the poor to rich people across the streets of India, then it is the fate of ‘Kohinoor’. The diamond was presented by Maharaja Duleep Singh to the British Monarch way back in the year 1850, and since then the diamond had never returned to India ever.

Now imagine, one fine morning, Queen Elizabeth II decides to hand over Kohinoor-diamond to India! The long cherished desire of every Indian will get instantly fulfilled. But what’s Next?

Here are the top 5 possibilities that may happen if India gets back its Kohinoor

What If Kohinoor Diamond Comes Back To India?
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Everyone Becomes Rich: Wherever you go, the debate on Kohinoor rages on. Suddenly, it seems that Kohinoor is panacea for India’s massive poverty and with its return all Indians will become rich too.

Literacy: If the United Kingdom returns Kohinoor to India on diplomatic and cultural grounds, it will give enough insights on diplomacy, history and geography to masses and reduce illiteracy from our nation too!

More Sale of Smartphones: The return of Kohinoor may lead to massive rise in sale of Smartphones. No doubt, a lot of people will always be standing in queues to get a glimpse of the gem and snap a lot of selfies too near an Indian museum where it will be kept for display. This way the government will get lots of sales tax and Excise duty as well!

Drought and Famine: Considering the widespread focus of Indian media on Kohinoor, it seems that the diamond’s return will solve India’s drought problems too. As many as country’s 302 out of 676 districts are affected due to water scarcity, these problems might get banished once Kohinoor comes back as its gleam will please the nature god and may bring in heavy showers and adequate rainfall across these places! 

Political Mileage: Whichever government brings Kohinoor back will take credit for the same. After all, whatever done for the nation ultimately goes on to translate in terms of election victory. Who knows Kohinoor might help a political party wins its next election also !

(Disclaimer: This article is completely a work of fiction and is for amusement purpose only, it doesn’t relate to any real event or issue under any manner whatsoever)

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