7 lessons that AAP needs to learn from MCD elections results 2017

The  MCD elections results 2017 are not just a tight slap on the face of the Aam Admi Party, they also signal the unraveling of this ‘party with a difference’. If Arvind Kejriwal is serious about his future, then he must learn the following lessons:

The voter distrusts you

Mr. Kejriwal, you won 67 seats out of 70 in the Delhi Assembly elections just a couple of years back. Various opinion polls predict that you will win probably 40 seats out of a total of 200 + seats of the MCD. So far, as per the MCD elections results 2017, you are winning that many seats so the prediction will not go haywire.

What does this mean, Mr. Kejriwal? Simply, that your credibility and trust have gone down the very gutters that you had promised to clean up.

Do you remember your famous hug with the chaara chor, Lalu Prasad Yadav in the run up to the Bihar elections? If you have, then the Delhi voters haven’t. In your enthusiasm to defeat Modi, you had hugged the epitome of corruption and the results are here to see.

MCD elections results
That famous hug of Kejriwal and Lalu told a lot about your intentions, creds:NDTV.com

MCD elections results 2017 are a mandate for Modi

Like it or leave it, these results tell us one big thing- Indians across the country want Modi as their leader. And if you do not accept this fact, you might very well lose the 2020 Delhi Assembly elections.

You cringed about demonetization and said it has caused untold miseries to Delhiites and many of them have lost jobs. You cringed again and said that demonetization led to several deaths, isn’t it?

And since Modi was behind demonetization, you demonized him. How silly this argument is!

But what do these results tell? Simply, that Delhiites did not mind demonetization at all! Can’t you see the writing on the wall? Delhi sees huge cash transactions every day and logically, they should have cried the most over notebandi, isn’t it, but, they haven’t! Most probably, Chandni Chowk, the most cash dense MCD ward will also vote BJP today.

Clearly, Mr. Modi is in huge demand by Delhiites, demonetization or no demonetization. Please accept this result, Mr. Kejriwal, it will do you a lot of good.

Cynicism ain’t good

The day you became the Chief Minister of this wonderful city, Mr. Kejriwal, you started your relentless bickering. You began imputing motives to Mr. Modi and started accusing him of your failures. Lies, excuses, and accusations became the bywords of your performance reports. Sometimes you focussed your fire on the previous Lt. Governor, Najib Jung too. You tried to convince the Delhiwalas that the entire universe was conspiring against you.

Sure, the Delhiwalas gave a rat’s ass to your accusations. And there is a reason, why.

MCD elections results
Showing the middle finger to Modi didn’t help you, Mr. Kejriwal, creds: Indian Express

You see Arvind ji, us Dilliwalas want our work to be done at all costs. For us, every challenge is an opportunity. You had the opportunity of co-opting the Modi government and getting our work done. But you failed miserably. You failed because for you, becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi was just a milestone on the way to becoming the next PM.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, though. We are hardwired into becoming good boys rather than achievers. But when we start neglecting our responsibilities and point fingers at others for our failures, then we are harming ourselves. I hope that from now on, you become a sober politician and start accepting responsibilities.

Cynicism doesn’t go down well with the present generation of Indians who are young, ambitious and want to make a lot of money the right way.

Don’t insult the voters

When you first imputed that the MCD elections results might be fudged, we blinked furiously. Were you trying to say that the voters of Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Punjab were fools who voted BJP and Congress to power? Did the EVM machines rob us of our right preferences? The message that you sent out before the MCD polls was this: the average Delhi wala is a fool of the highest order.

I can’t believe that you harbored these thoughts about an Indian voter. When we voted you in 2015, you found no problems with the EVMs but what happened in 2017? These EVMs became evil machines because we brought in the BJP in Uttar Pradesh?

MCD elections results
Every day a new accusation: the latest being that EVMS were tampered with, courtesy- India Today

Come on Mr. Kejriwal, it is time you credited us Bhartiyas with some intelligence. We also have sons, daughter, brothers who not just go the IITs but also to other world ranking institutions. Credit us with some intelligence, please.

Focus, focus, focus

You still have 3 years, Mr. Kejriwal. Without losing time, get down to work. Immediately. Get rid of the corrupt bureaucracy. Listen to people. Get out of your palatial government bungalow.

Get rid of the liquor mafia, discourage consumption of alcohol by imposing high taxes on this product.

Crack down on pollution. I am amazed why pollution is not discussed deeply in the mainline media. Impose heavy taxes on polluting industries, smoke emitting cars and make public transport accessible to all. Fast track Metro clearances so that you can say in 2010, ‘We have made Delhi a  public transport loving city.’

Learn or Perish

If you don’t learn the right results from the MCD elections results, Mr. Kejriwal, then you will see the unraveling of your party. You have lost the Punjab elections and in Goa, you weren’t even able to make an impact. Your MLAs look to you as a vote catching machine but your failures may force them to rethink about your role.

Already, there is this rumor of 30 MLAs planning to desert your party and this is not doing good to your position. Another threat that you face is that  21 MLAs of your party face the threat of disqualification by the Election Commission. And if these representatives are disqualified then you know Delhi will see a mini- election one more time shortly. Who do you think will win those polls, Mr. Kejriwal? Surely, it is the Bhartiya Janata Party that will win those seats too.

So, without losing any time Mr. Kejriwal, focus on your basics and start delivering otherwise, you will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Voters don’t have a short memory

Until the time you are removed as the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal, your opponents will keep reminding the voters of your broken promises. You enemies will paint the town red with all your election promises. Be prepared for a long drawn political war with the BJP.

Voters will note your inflated food bills, your palatial bungalows and your magnificent promise of free Wi-Fi. They will also remember your pledge to set up more than 20 colleges and a crackdown on the corrupt officials. Unless you start performing, the opposition will also remind the Delhi voter of your friendship with the liquor mafia, of the invisible Mohalla clinics etc. But do you have time now to deliver the results, Mr. Kejriwal?

Learn these 7 lessons from the MCD elections results and reclaim your politicla space, Kejri babu.

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