Marriages are made in heaven, they say! But when its about people making choices there are various stigmas attached. Like the world never expects a guy to be desperate about getting married. In all the books we’ve read, in all the films we’ve seen, a guy’s dilemma or in some cases, phobia, of getting committed is majorly highlighted. But when this stereotype is challenged by some males out there, who want to get married for their own desperate reasons, it makes for some hilarious situations to come up and for some funny revelations to be made.

Meri Shaadi Kara Do – Agla Virat

This video is about a cricket player- turned coach Tokraj Singh. His reason to get married is that he wants to father the child who will be India’s next cricketing superstar like Virat Kohli. Wait till you check out his revelations about the same.Now isnt that reason enough to put a smile across your face. Check out this laugh riot!

SOCIAL CHUMBAK associates with ‘MERI BAGGI MERA GHODA!!’ , which is a new YouTube channel on the blocks and has already started creating waves with its creations. The channel’s efforts are to come up with videos which are funny yet relevant. Their target audience is manifold but majorly it caters to all those people out there who have the reins of their metaphorical horses in their own hands and who drive their own chariots, and hence the name. Its fun, Its relevant and Its all for the people!

‘MERI SHAADI KARA DO’ is their first mini web series and it is a laugh riot! Different groom-to-be males, give their most desperate reasons to get married. The reasons range from the obvious and humorous (SEXX, DOWRY, SASURAL) to the almost deranged and absurd (IN DA CLUB, AGLA VIRAT, SHOWOFF)! Every video has a different flavor of comedy, which is the most refreshing thing about the mini-series. The fun thing is that every male is a caricature of most of the men we know around us.

The internet is today is laced with different content but its saddening to notice that its still the crass and the vulgar  that garners the most eyeballs. So if you have a knack of catching up with some good content that is humorous and relatable, ‘MERI SHAADI KARA DO’ is definitely a MUST WATCH!!

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